Saturday, December 12, 2009

December 12, 2009

Well, a mini water disaster has been averted! We used the aquarium cleaner to drain water from the hex tank down far enough that we could pick it up, put it on the rolling cabinet, move it to the big room and transfer to it's new table next to the big tank. All went quickly and well. Reversed the suction to refill the hex tank. All was going well until I went to plug in the filter. I only looked away for a few seconds before I hear dripping water & then a waterfall!!! Luckily I was quick to reach the shut-off valve. The carpet didn't get tooooo wet, but the sheet around the bottom of the tree got soaked! We've soaked up all the water on the tablecloth & the carpet that got damp. Going to use the mini portable heater on high to make sure the legs of the table don't stay damp. Not putting a dry sheet under the tree for a couple of hours. In all, it took barely 30 minutes to drain the water down to about 3 inches AND refill the 20 gallon hex tank. Not bad. Much better than the suction cleaner tube I used 15+ years ago! I did sadly discover that my aquatic frog did indeed disappear ... No idea what happened to him, but hadn't seen him in a week ...:(
Since I didn't do my exercises yesterday, I made sure I did a long one today. Luckily, the chapter I read in  Torchwood Another Life was pretty long. I travelled 4.3 miles at 15.5 mph for 17.04 minutes and burned 205 calories!! Damn, that's good!
I started a late load of wash today & about to put them in the dryer, then start on a batch of cookies! I must be feeling better today! It sure is raining, too!
The first tray of cookies is in the oven. 3 more to go! Big batch! This batch is from Mrs. Fields Cookie Book & is the Oatmeal Raisin Chews recipe, with walnuts added.  Mmmmm, good cookies!
The 4th & last cookie sheet is in the oven now. Just fed the stray rabbit 3 baby carrots. He's in the neighbor's yard munching on some overgrown weeds. Haven't seen him in a couple days. He lives in the drainage ditch under Pioneer Road behind us. He's white with dark brown spots. A domestic mixed breed that someone dumped once upon a time. When we moved in he roamed with a Lop (white with black spots), but haven't seen that one for a couple months now. :(
It's been a fairly good day. Only nearly lost my temper once trying to get the damn Christmas train track back around the bottom of the tree when I replaced the sheet. Stupid thing ...
Missed sending a quote last night, so you'll get two today!!

"I suppose, in the end, they break my heart." The Doctor in Doctor Who: The Next Doctor

"People have traveled with me and I've lost them... lost them all... never again." The Doctor in Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead

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