Sunday, December 13, 2009

December 13, 2009

Feeling much better today. Had everyone fed & cleaned by 9:30am.
Just finished reading a chapter of  Torchwood Another Life while travelling 3.2 miles at 14.9 mph for 13.37 minutes & burning 156 calories.
Going to vacuum a bit now.
Listening to an Eddie Fisher Greatest Hits cd.
Going to sweep the cobwebs from my bathroom while listening to The Beatles 1 CD.
Good videos found today; very thought-provoking:

Need food now!
All leftover pizza is now gone. Won't get that one again ... didn't really like it 365 Chicken Quesadilla from Whole Foods. Had to pick all the corn off & too many black beans ...
Will try another one next time.
Gah!!! Someone make that kid stop skateboarding on that ramp outside!!!!!
Please rain come back just enough for him to go back inside!!!
Just finished my low-impact exercises (you do them in a chair.) They are very easy to fit in each day, but they do work on your muscles little-by-little. Will try to do them every day.
I actually wrote a little paragraph for a 5-minute writing prompt today! I haven't written anything fic-like in a couple of years! Here it is:

Daniel begged Teal'c to keep Sam occupied in any way he saw fit. As he ran down the corrider, Daniel thought he should be worried about what Teal'c would see fit to do with Sam, but then he thought about why he'd begged Teal'c to do that. He grinned as he hurried his steps toward his destination. He nearly collided with Walter as he turned the corner to the VIP quarters.
"Sorry, sorry."

And, that's all I wrote. ;)
Trying to think of subjects for a fanart wall for someone in a group I am in for the Secret Santa ... they aren't in the group database ... very frustrating when you don't know what they really like ... other than certain obvious things that led them to be in this particular group ... hmmm ...
Time to take Jorgy out one last time & then head to bed.
A fun quote to end the day:

"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." The Princess Bride

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