Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 16, 2009

WooHoo! I have now lost 10 lbs. since the beginning of September--I'm now at 150! That's right on track. I'd like to lose 31 more pounds to be back to my normal weight. And, I need to lose 2 more inches on my waist to be at a healthy size for my height--33 inches, but I want to get to my previous normal of 31. I have already lost 1 inch. Doing good without really exercising a lot, but eating better than I have in years. Just MOVING and not constantly sitting and doing nothing is a big improvement! FlyLady & Jonathan Roche are keeping me on track.
Wow! Just found out the company I work for, Foster Grant, is merging with a French company, Essilor. The field team (us reps!!) are considered one of the companies best assests, so no loss of jobs, according to FG CEO. Yay! That's a relief! This is the press release:
I got 3 stores serviced today, then stopped at the storage & brought a bunch of stuff home, including a garage door opener still in the box & a beautiful china set. Both will be sold next year.
Did 5 minutes walking in place & drank a whole glass of water. My legs are "buzzing"! Going to rest a bit & then work on the exercycle.
Oh, mama dove is sitting on THREE eggs now!
I did my low impact chair exercises & then travelled on the exercycle while I read another chapter of Torchwood Another Life. Hey it's a pretty good story & I'm enjoying reading each chapter.
So, I travelled 18.8mph for 3.8 miles, 12.24 minutes & burned 186 calories. I'm wiped out!
Having Spanish Rice with chicken for dinner, a family recipe. And, fresh pineapple my mom sliced today.
I don't like sparkling water so why did I buy 5 bottles of Crystal Geyser Sparkling Juices?
Just purged some of the non-tweeters that I follow on Twitter. I think I unfollowed 12 that haven't tweeted anything since October or that were not the kind of tweets I like.
Glee's not on tonight! Is it April, yet? Make It Or Break It will be back on Jan. 4, though. Can't wait. Love Anthony Starke! He's not in it enough, though ...
You know, I really should be making that Secret Santa gift ... still not motivated ...
Got to reading a really good fanfic and lost track of time.

Here's a quote for the night:
"They seek him here, they seek him there,
Those Frenchies seek him everywhere.
Is he in heaven? Or is he in hell?
That damned elusive Pimpernel!"
Percy Blakeney, The Scarlet Pimpernel


Twisted Scrapper said...

How tall are you?

I might need to use you as my pillar. I work out and work out. I eat right, yet I am still not losing much weight. Rudy is dropping pound after pound though. Ben is slow losing like me.

I am 5'3" and weigh about 155lbs. It is all sitting around the waist though. I have a small behind and thin legs. I look like an apple with toothpicks sticking out LOL.

I did sign up for the NEWO. But I keep getting the emails, but cant seem to find time to read them LOL.

Do you use the NEWO support groups or are you only receiving from Jonathan?

OK I really have to go to bed now. Want to practice Rhythm Boxing tomorrow. That can get me sweating really good LOL.


QuinGem said...

I'm 5'6". I was shocked when we moved here & I found the scales to discover that I was 160! I have NEVER been overweight! I was 119 from the time I was about 12 until just recently. I know it started after I ripped my shoulder out & then the severe depression I got being stuck in that apartment. So, I stopped doing anything other than what I had to do, which was work. I rarely moved off the bed! I always had a very fast metabolism, so could eat anything I wanted in any amount I wanted. I still do. But, not moving was a bad thing, obviously. I was always the tall, skinny Spaniard like my Papa & my dad. My mom is built like you & so was her mother & my dad's mother. Slow metabolism, too. But, when she eats right & moves, she loses weight, but she then stops & it comes back. She never sticks with it. I think she has lost some since we moved here, though. The stairs helps.
I do the free NEWO. Mainly the low impact chair exercises! But, I do the exercycle & counter push-ups, stairs, and eating much better than I was. I am in the special needs group (can't remember the name of it - oh, it's the chronic pain subgroup,) but haven't posted there, just read the notes from others. I like all the emails & testimonials.

Twisted Scrapper said...

I think I need to check my subscriptions cause I am getting so much mail and the important ones from Jonathan are just mixed in there somewhere. Tomorrow I will go through all my mail on that account and see what I can find LOL. I am in the free NEWO. I cant justify paying for something like this.

I have weighed about the same since Ben was born, well come to think of it, it was the same before I got pregnant too. I think the fat just kinda snuck up on me over the years. I was always short and super skinny, except for the tummy. The tummy really grew in my late teens early twenties. Now it just have to go.

I do a ton of the Wii Fit Plus exercises. Probably at least 1 hour per day. Then Ben and I like to play tennis on the wii. Now that is exercise LOL. We sweat like we have been doing the real deal. I did think I had to go to the ER the other day cause I was going for a fast ball and hit my ankle on the corner of the couch, ouch. It is much better now though. But my elbow is hurting like hell. Gotta take a rest from the tennis for a few days.
Of course when the weather permits we like to do outdoor stuff like hiking, but even though we do 10 mile hikes it doesnt help on the tummy. I just get a smaller but and skinnier legs LOL.

Losing weight is a must for me right now. I want to be in shape incase I do have to have surgery. I dont know if I told you the results of all the CT's, MRI's etc. I have a ton of hemorrhagic ovarian cysts, and the dr was thinking that only solution would be a hysterectomy. But I need to see a GYN about it. They are really not bothering me much these days. Pain yes, but not terrible. I also have one itty bitty hemorrhagic cyst on my right kidney. That one on the other hand hurts like hell. It is just being monitored. Going in for another CT's scan sometime after Christmas. But I know it has grown cause the past week it has just gotten worse every day. Havent discussed treatment on that one yet though. But I know that me being in shape and not too overweight will probably be important. More so than it has been before.

And I want to wear skinny jeans that I can actually button... just once in my life LOL

Inger :)

QuinGem said...

No, you hadn't mentioned the results of the scans.
It would definitely be a help to lose some before any surgery.
It seems, like me, you don't do enough exercises to strengthen the lower back and abdominal muscles. That would help us both in losing the belly. As John Barrowman calls it, I have a "muffin top." My biggest area that I want to lose really is my thighs! The tummy has gone down an inch since Sept. But, want it to go down about 3 more inches, at least. But, the thighs ... ugh.

Twisted Scrapper said...

I have lost 1 inch on my belly in the last 3 weeks. I want to lose another 8-9 inches. Big goal, but I have time. The step aerobics are good for the lower back, but not the belly. As soon as my kidney has settled down again, I am starting daily yoga and strength training. But right now I can barely stand up.