Saturday, December 19, 2009

December 19, 2009

I got up very late, nearly 8am! But, I am following my chore list for the day and already have the doves cleaned, fed & more bedding for their nests; started the pick-up; fixed one of the new outside garlands (one of the plastic links broke) & will be going out to put the insulated blanket on the water heater in a bit. My mom is about to go out to Walgreen's to pick up her Rx that we dropped off yesterday.
I paid close attention to the dash guages on the truck when I started it, & it definitely has a problem with the oil pressure. Hope it is something Curtis can fix easily & not a valve or ring job ... I do know it needs the timing reset ... I hope I can get another extension with dmv ...
Ahhh. Done wrapping the water heater & now I'm itching. Changed my shirts, so that helped. Will take a shower later. Forgot how messy fiberglass can be. Going to rest a bit before I start on the goldfish. I hate this part of having fish. It's so hard to tell sometimes if you are going to bring a disease home. Have to empty part of the water, add some medicine, take the fish out 1 at a time & pluck out the damn hookworms. Been about 30 years since I've had any fish with hookworms.
My mom is back from the store ... she bought a tree-topper ... damn ... it's an ugly-ass gold star with white lights ... too gaudy for words.
Will do the fish after lunch.
Had a boring sandwich for lunch. Cashew butter & jelly. Time to work on the fishies. Then change about 1/4 of the tank water.
Arrrgh! I now really remember what I hated about having fish!!!!!! Changing water is such a freakin' pain! And, the new AquaVac did not want to cooperate! But, we finally got it done. I got most of the worms off of the 6 fish that had them (the 2 smallest didn't have any.) Need to get some anti-parasitic meds for them on Monday. There's still some antibiotic in their water as we only drained about 1/3 of the water. Need to change the filter pad on Monday, too.
Going to rest a bit before my next project, which is to take the "before" pics of my bathroom.
Yay, got the pics taken of the tiny bathroom that is mine. It really is tiny ... it was hard to get good pics as there is nowhere to stand back far enough! Anyway, if you didn't see the pics as they loaded to Twitter, here is the link to my TwitPic page.
I also started a late load of wash, just so I could get a pic of the bathroom closet ... haha!
Next & last project for the day is to clean Papa's fan. It was stored in my dad's garage since 1969 when Papa died, but my mom says it worked at the time! It just has 40 years of dust & grease covering it. It's all metal & was forest green & very heavy for such a small fan. We'll see what it looks like when I'm done & if it really works. I'll take before & after pics of it, too!
But, before I do that I'm going to look through Mrs. Fields Cookie Book to find the next cookies I'm going to make. We're almost out of the last batch already!
Oooh, Pumpkin Spice Cookies! They look yummy! Just need a couple of ingredients from the store next week.
Yay! Done with today's chores!!! I need to replace the wiring on Papa's fan one day & definitely need to repaint it, but it looks good for a 50+ year old fan. Too bad they don't make cloth-covered wiring any more to replace the old wires ... will have to do some research on this old thing. It's a Wardway.
Now to write up my list of chores for tomorrow ... I seem to get more things done when I make a list.
Doctor Who Waters Of Mars was fantastic. I'm sure gonna miss 10.
An end of the day quote:
"Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else."
James M. Barrie

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