Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 20, 2009

Another day when I got up late. And, I had the day planned, but the first thing my mom says is ... can you help me move the loveseat ... so another thing added to my list of things to do before I can start on what I'd already planned. I need to eat something now.
I'm making apple turnovers for breakfast. Yum.
Breakfast done. A load of laundry done. Finally going to feed & clean the doves & feed the fish now.
Aww. The plecostomus from the hex tank has died. Don't know if I'll get another one in there. First the aquatic frog disappeared & now Pleco died ... the 3 angel fish & 2 ghost shrimp seem to be thriving, though. The shrimp have definitely grown.
This morning is flying by! Time to go check all the bird feeders & fill if needed; clean the bird bath.
That didn't take long!
Need to rest before we move the loveseat ...
Loveseat is moved, carpet vacuumed & I'm pissed off, so probably won't be doing anything else I planned today. Have I mentioned recently now much I loathe my mother. If not, it's a lot. It feels like Florida all over again. Anyone have a septic tank out in some secluded woods I can use ... never mind ... if I didn't need her money ... I just want to cry sometimes. Can't believe I've been putting up with her shit for almost 47 years.

It's been a little while ... still mad ... maybe I will take it out on the exercycle & read a chapter of Torchwood Another Life, since I didn't have time or energy to do that yesterday.

A little better. Travelled at 17.2mph for 3.7 miles in 12.40 minutes & burned 181 calories.
If you use the Facebook Alarm app, you must have the sound turned on for your speakers ...
Well, I did get around to stripping the edging off the bathroom sink & getting it measured for a new sink & cabinet. I was going to just refurbish what was there, but discovered too many cracks in the old sink counter. Also, the shelves are too damaged underneath from past leakage ... So, need to get all that on top of replacing the old copper pipes & the faucet ...
Now, I need to get something to eat ...
Had buttered tortillas for lunch. Not a good lunch, really. Just not in the mood. Might have some fruit for a snack later ...
Guess I will tackle scrubbing the toilet & checking it's pipes, etc. Hopefully, I won't have to replace more than just the seat, which I will do, too. Bought a new one the other day.
Scrubbed the toilet, but will need to get something that will get rid of the mineral stains. I fixed the flusher that wouldn't work right after I replaced the tank innards a few months ago. Now I don't have to hold the handle down every time I use it! Yay. I also replaced the seat with a new one & put my old one on my mom's toilet until we remodel her bathroom. The seat she had was the wrong shape! It was oval when it needed a round one. So, it hung past the front of the toilet ...
Popped my wrist, so not sure if I will be able to scrub the shower today.
Had cookies for a snack ... really need to get some more fruit in today!
Decided not to work on the shower. Getting late. It's raining. Gotta work the next three days.
It's on my list for tomorrow when I get home.
Had leftover Spanish rice with cheesy garlic Texas toast & a Mandarin orange (aka Clementine.) Still hungry, though ...
I really need to make some time this week to add the Stingray Silhouette to my online shoppe & create another new design ... just haven't been in the mood! Really need to start advertising more, too. Still getting decent sales without advertising, but they are all from CafePress marketplace & I don't get paid a decent percentage unless sales are direct from my shoppe ... annoying.
I was so pissed off today, I used up too much energy ... now, I'm munching on crap. Well, yummy crap, but still crap. Kettle Chips Organic Chipotle Chili Barbecue ... my mouth is on fire ...
Glad this day is almost over. Can't wait to get in my warm bed.
Here's a quote for the day:

Once there was The People - Terror gave it birth;
Once there was The People, and it made a hell of earth!
Earth arose and crushed it. Listen, oh, ye slain!
Once there was The People - it shall never be again!
    Rudyard Kipling (1865 - 1936), As Easy as A.B.C. (1917)

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