Monday, December 21, 2009

December 21, 2009

I haven't mentioned this, but I'm going to now! I hate the ads on LiveJournal & anyplace else that block entrance to a page. I guess they are the new version of pop-up ads that pop-up blockers don't block! You can't escape them for at least 4 seconds most of the time. Very annoying! Oh, and those stupid little Bing boxes that pop-up when you're trying to read an article. Hate those damn things, too!
Christmas message from John Barrowman! He's so sweet to take the time to send a message to fans like this. Charlie, CJ & Harris are so gorgeous & laid back! I can't wait until the new album is ready in Feb.!

I just can't get enough of this cute scene from Glee:

I remembered to buy aquarium salt & meds for the fishies. Just gave it to them. They were not thrilled that I was not dropping food into the water! Took the carbon filter out for the duration of their treatment, which should be until the weekend.
I really need to eat something ...
My mom is so clueless ... What part of "can't eat anything with corn" doesn't she understand?!! "I'm having popcorn. Want some?" Corn, popcorn= no difference!! Arrgh!!
Having Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil Triscuit with Affi's Artichoke Spread. Last box of Triscuit I will have as it contains maltodextrin which can be a corn product ... corn is very pervasive ... it's everywhere ... And, no, I'm not eating the whole box, just a normal serving--about 6 crackers.
Found some actual oyster shell gravel for the doves. Going to mix it with the sand gravel we bought before. I prefer the oyster shell for the bigger birds.
That's done.
And ... I cleaned out the big old wooden box on the porch & put the 30lbs. walnut shell, 25 lbs. dove's food & 15 lbs. wild bird food in it. Still some room in it. It's a big box. Don't know how old it is. But, in the spring, I'm going to change the hardware on it (hinges & add a clasp/hasp & lock, & paint it the color we decide to paint the mobile home & shed. Gotta match! Now, to get the stuff together to clean the shower real good.
My mom finally found my grandma's cup/saucer collection in one of the bins from storage I brought home the other day. Now, she can quit complaining that she hasn't found them!
We're having pork roast & almond rice pilaf for dinner. And, maybe a banana or some applesauce. Nope, looks like the last Mandarin oranges. Good. Need to get more of those.
Can't get motivated to clean the shower yet! Less than an hour to get it done ... I better get with it soon ...
Waiting for Terror By Night to start on MoviePlex channel at 3:30. Love Basil Rathbone's Sherlock.
I just sprayed the whole shower with Arm & Hammer Scrub Free with Oxy. Will rinse it off on the next commercial. I need to soak the shower head in vinegar afterwards, too. Oh, wait ... this channel doesn't have commercials!! Oh, well ...
Sherlock Holmes was much fun.
Just checked my shower & the Scrub Free doesn't work on my crappy old shower. Have rinsed it off & sprayed Arm & Hammer Clean Shower.  Will check on that after dinner ... May have to resort to good old fashioned baking soda & vinegar & scrubbing - but that will have to be for tomorrow.
I am contemplating replacing my whole shower ... it will have to be in a future remodel, though, as I know I can't do it this time. I discovered where it leaks & will have to see if I can fix it with LOTS of caulking ... that is a project for the weekend, I think. Tomorrow, I have to scrub by hand. I hate plastic showers & bathtubs. So hard to keep clean, especially if it wasn't kept clean in the past ... But, I have to make sure it is very clean before I refinish it. I had bought Magic Renew, but have been reading online about it, and it may not be the thing I need. So, will be returning it to Home Depot & go to Lowe's which has a product that looks to be easier to use & has good recs.
Well, I finished off the last 3 cookies from the Raisin Walnut Chews. Must write down the missing ingredients for the next recipe I'm going to make this week - Pumpkin Spice Cookies.
And, I did my low impact chair exercises & did 5 counter push-ups. Need to work on the exercycle next & read another chapter of Torchwood Another Life. There are only 8 chapters left, so will finish it next week. I think Torchwood Border Princes is the next one in the series.
I really need to get the audiobooks burned & listen to those, too. They've been sitting on my external hard drive since last year!
Well, I travelled 2.5 miles on the exercycle at 17.3 mph for 8.23 minutes & burned 121 calories. It was a short chapter.
I REALLY need to get my ass in gear and start listing some stuff online to sell. I'm going to research Etsy tomorrow. I'm also going to find my cross-stitch software ... see which computer it will work on.
Time for CSI Miami.  I think it's a new one tonight ... not sure.
A Good-Night poem by Robert Louis Stevenson:

Then the bright lamp is carried in,
The sunless hours again begin;
O'er all without, in field and lane,
The haunted night returns again.

Now we behold the embers flee
About the firelit hearth; and see
Our faces painted as we pass,
Like pictures, on the window glass.

Must we to bed indeed? Well then,
Let us arise and go like men,
And face with an undaunted tread
The long black passage up to bed.

Farewell, O brother, sister, sire!
O pleasant party round the fire!
The songs you sing, the tales you tell,
Till far to-morrow, fare you well!

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