Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 22, 2009

I've had the blahs since I got home today. Don't feel like doing anything!
I did have a nice surprise on the doorstep when I got home, though. A gift from our realtor, Becky. Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies, which are yummy. I've never had them. And, a bottle of wine. We don't drink, so we'll re-gift it to an old friend who I know does drink wine.
I finally joined Etsy!! I'm excited! I like the set up much more than the current eBay; it will get me motivated to finally start my cross-stitch business in the coming year. But, first I am going to use it to sell all this antique stuff I've inherited! I'll be spending the next few days setting up my storefront; figuring out my policies, etc. By the first of the new year, I will be selling! The address is http://quingem.etsy.com The name is QuinGem's Creations & Collectibles.
Still need to do my exercises & read a chapter of  Torchwood Another Life ... going to finish my cinnamon crunch applesauce first.
Did 5 counter push-ups & my low impact chair exercises.
Exercycle: travelled at 17.9 mph for 4.2 miles and 13.49 minutes, burning 202 calories! Very good.
Tonight's poem:
Imagination by Robert William Service

A gaunt and hoary slab of stone
I found in desert place,
And wondered why it lay alone
In that abandoned place.
Said I: 'Maybe a Palace stood
Where now the lizards crawl,
With courts of musky quietude
And turrets tall.

Maybe where low the vultures wing
'Mid mosque and minaret,
The proud pavilion of a King
Was luminously set.
'Mid fairy fountains, alcoves dim,
Upon a garnet throne
He ruled,--and now all trace of him
Is just this stone.

Ah well, I've done with wandering,
But from a blousy bar
I see with drunk imagining
A Palace like a star.
I build it up from one grey stone
With gardens hanging high,
And dream . . . Long, long ere Babylon
It's King was I.

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