Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 23, 2009

It's been a long day, so this is a short post tonight.
Did a 'work-with' with my manager, Viola, today. We serviced 2 of my stores together. We do this every couple of months or so. She treated me to Subway. Nice.
Got home and tried to clean off the rotisserie that my mom messed up a couple weeks ago. She melted the insulated gloves on it & I've been trying to scrape the rubber off ever since. Finally got most of it off, the rest will just have to "burn" off & stink the house up.
I got my Etsy shop up and running and have listed my first vintage item, a 1939 Buick Owner's Manual. Excited to list many more things soon!
Ooh, 2 episodes of Glee on now!!
Tonight's quote:
"You are about to board the Sue Sylvester Express. Destination: Horror!" Sue Sylvester, Glee

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