Thursday, December 3, 2009

December 3, 2009 - post 2

I picked up 4 magazines today.  I don't usually buy too many magazines these days, other than Torchwood Official Magazine & the occasional Doctor Who magazine. I used to collect a lot of dog magazines when I was showing the Cockers in the'80s & Taste of Home. So, I decided to get these: Taste of Home (I may subscribe to it again), do it yourself (aka diyideas), Hobby Farms & Mother Earth News (which I've always wanted to have--I used to check them out of the library many years ago.) I'm enjoying going through these. But, Hobby Farms isn't as interesting as I would have hoped in this issue. May have to try the next one to really see if it is worth it. I'm loving do it yourself (I have always been a proponent of this!!) It has some great ideas in it & also is prompting me to follow through with an idea I've had for a while for some new designs in my online shoppe (QuinGem's Creations).

We had lentil bolani with sweet jalapeno sauce & tofu cream cheese spread on it for dinner tonight. Yum. I really like the stuff from They sell locally at the Davis Farmer's Market (where I discovered their products) and at Whole Foods Market in Sacramento. My favorite is their spinach bolani!

Finally took a few minutes to use the exercycle tonight. 15.5 mph; 120 cal. burned; 2.5 miles; 9.49 minutes. Not bad. I also read a chapter in Torchwood Another Life while I rode.

Time to close up for the day. I have to work in the morning. Here's a quote for the day that I saw in the back of Hobby Farms magazine (Nov.-Dec. issue, page 96):
"Those who never sink into this peace of nature lose a tremendous well of strength, for there is something healing and life giving in the mere atmosphere surrounding a country house." - Eleanor Roosevelt

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