Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 30, 2009

Well, I did sleep last night, but woke up at 6. So, not bad. I started reading Torchwood Border Princes, chapter 1 last night. Will read more later on the exercycle.
I'm hurting quite a bit, so using my cane today.
My wireless connection on the laptop is really acting up. I rebooted the modem & router this morning & got the connection back that I lost last night, but it is still running slow.
Mail doesn't want to download right, graphics are loading really slowly on websites ... Twitter is loading slow ...
The lady came & got her speakers, then my mom & I went to pick up some Rx & then the grocery store.
I'm trying so hard not to have a headache ...
I got a refund for $87 for overpayment from the Title company, which is nice.
Still having trouble with my wireless connection ... waaaaay to slow. I can't get anything done. I haven't even been able to check my Twitter stream at all today, yet ... guess I'll turn on the XP computer.
Just got a surprise call from someone we haven't heard from in MANY years. The son of my mom's best friend. To tell us she fell & broke her ankle & is in a local nursing home until it heals. May go visit soon.
I am getting a migraine. Crap.
I really need to do my exercises!
Just did my chair exercises, counter push-ups & exercycle! Yay me! Travelled 16.3 mph for 3.9 miles & 13.55 minutes, burning 188 calories & read 1 chapter of Torchwood Border Princes.
Glee is on. Two episodes tonight!
Sorry, no quote tonight.

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