Friday, December 4, 2009

December 4, 2009

I exercised at my normal time today. I like to get my exercise and reading in at the same time since I can't read outside right now (too chilly for me!) I read another chapter of Torchwood Another Life travelling 15.4 mph for 10.2 minutes, covering 2.3 miles & burned 112 calories! Cool!

I just registered with ... now I have to wait for snail mail (aka USPS) to deliver my code to use on the site! Huh. It's like a digital mail box. Supposedly it will help cut down on paper junk mail ... we'll see! At least it is free! But, I don't think this is something that is helpful for the USPS if it gives them less mail to deliver ... hmmm ...

Worked on my online shoppe for an hour or so.  I'm finally adding Pink Maternity T-Shirts, and Creme & Lime Jr. Jerseys. I've gotten as far as the Christmas section! More work on there tomorrow.

Black bean soup for dinner was delicious. Have enough to freeze for a later meal.

I'm thinking of selling some of the small antiques on Etsy when I get around to it. I'm so disappointed with eBay, which I used to make decent money on. I just don't like how much they've changed since those days ... but, I have to sell them somewhere & I really don't feel like hauling them out to Denio's Farmer's Market & Auction next summer or to the big yardsale at our friend, Betty's this spring. Have to start researching the site soon.

The plecostomus that is in the tank with the goldfish decided to go for a ride on top of the shark aerator tonight!  He's holding on for dear life, it looks like. It vibrates as the bubbles come out the mouth! Silly pleco!

I need to bake another batch of cookies tomorrow. I'm about to finish off the last batch finally! The next recipe in the Mrs. Fields Cookie Book is Oatmeal Raisin Chews.  Sounds good! Will make them tomorrow, I hope! I got some organic raisins and walnuts to use in them.

Wore Jorgy out with a Chase The Bone & Kill The Puppy romp on the floor. She quit before I did! She's been jealous of the fish & doves. So, she was due for some extra attention. Her favorite toys are a little sterile round eye bone & a tiny stuffed dog. Just her size. She's had them for years.

I think I will go to bed very early tonight. Nothing good on tv, hardly any emails from the groups I'm in and the tweets are few and far between ... bah!

Nighty night!

In the depth of winter
I finally learned there was in
me an invincible summer.
Albert Camus

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