Saturday, December 5, 2009

December 5, 2009

10:00 am
I got one coat of white paint sprayed on one side of the laundryroom vent this morning. But, it is so overcast and breezy outside, I might not get it done today. Bummer.
I got up late this morning ... about 30 minutes later than normal. So, I feel like I am running behind today! I fed the fish & doves late, fed me and Jorgy late ... still need to clean the grill floor in the doves cage. Guess I will do it now!
I still need to go out and organize the shed, so we can fit the holiday stuff in there!
My mom left a message for my cousin, Curtis, yesterday but he hasn't called back yet. It was his birthday, which she didn't remember, so he might have been out. We need to find out if he can help us finish emptying out our paid storage. Still have a fridge, recliner, couch, cabinet stereo & cabinet tv we can't move ourselves; plus, some odds & ends that I can move myself. I don't have anyone else that we can ask for help ...
11:00 am
I got the shed straightened up & was able to fit 4 old suitcase sets in there, as well as the holiday bins. I broke the eagle on my flag, though ... :( I need to get a new flagpole now ...
I did another coat of paint on the vent. Sun is still not out, but the breeze is helping to dry it!
Getting some scans done to share in one of my groups. Some cool images. I am also scanning an old india ink drawing of a foal I made in 7th grade art class! It's a big image, so I am going to have to piece it together in PSP. I want to use it as a design in my online shoppe.
I just put in my first load of wash for the day finally (had to wait for my mom to do a couple loads ...)
Ah, scans are done! I better get the doves' cage cleaned now.
Ah, lunch! Didn't know what to have ... so a snack lunch is in order. New York Style Baked Spicy 3 Pepper Pita chips with Tostitos creamy spinach dip. And Stonyfield organic Strawberry yogurt. Yum.
Second load is in the wash.
The bird cage is clean & the laundry is done for another day. And, I turned the vent over and painted the other side. The sun has finally come out for a few hours.
Damn! Where did the time go?! I've been working on my foal silhouette for 3 hours! Might finish it today ...
We just brought in some of the more delicate potted plants from the porch for the night & covered the vegetable seedlings. We are supposed to have a frost in the morning. Might get down to 29F.
We're having leftover sweet potato casserole & a small pork roast on the rotisserie for dinner. My mom is getting it ready now.
I finally finished my Shadowplay Foal design!  Here's a little preview of it. I'll be adding the design to my online shoppe tomorrow.

I think I will close up early tonight and play an online game I'm addicted to before bed.

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