Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 6, 2009

Got up at my normal time (7:00am) this morning. Yay! Got all the critters cleaned & fed on time. Poured warm water on the birdbath outside as it froze over! Brrr. Need to fill one of the bird feeders when it warms up a bit, too.
I left the vent outside overnight (forgot to bring it in!) so need to check it to see if I need to paint anything else on it before I put it back up in the laundryroom.
Going to start the factory restore on my ME computer this morning if the old CD will work ... good, it's on the job now!
Will start working on my online shoppe now. Have to think up some text for the new image.  That is always the hardest part for me to do on a new design.
Well, that didn't take long at all! The ME computer is now back to its factory settings like the day I bought it about 9 years ago! Now I have to find the disks for the XP & get that one done soon, but not today.
It's still very chilly outside. Checked all the outside bird feeders, but they didn't need to be refilled yet. Thawed out the birdbath and uncovered the veggie seedlings. The sun keeps trying to come out, but the clouds are winning. The local weather guy says it might actually snow over in Sacramento tomorrow, so we might get a few flakes over here, too.
I finished the Gifts & More section of my Shadowplay Foal design. On to the next section now.
I don't know where this weekend has gone ... I have to work every day next week ... not happy. I don't know what I want for lunch, but we are going to have oven-fried chicken legs w/mac'n'cheese for dinner.
Don't know what is going on with YahooGroups and attachments. In one of my groups all attachments are being stripped, even though the groups settings are set correctly to allow them. It's been going on for about 3 days. Other groups I'm in are working fine. It's very annoying because it is an art group! And, we've been sharing attachments just fine for over 5 years!
Oh, leftover blackbean soup & biscuits for lunch. Okay!
Yay, the laundryroom is done, for all intents & purposes. All it is really lacking is some weatherstripping for the vent that I just put up. It took almost a month to get it all done, but it is done now. Looks pretty good. Pics later.
I found a neat timer app on Facebook that seems to work pretty good. It will help me to focus better for short periods of time (a la The FlyLady) I tried some of the Google Desktop timers & they didn't work the way I wanted. So, we'll see how this one does.
Back to the online shoppe. I finished the base of the Clothing & Accessories section & also found I needed to add 2 new apron colors & 2 new bag styles!
I read another chapter in Torchwood Another Life while on the exercycle. It was a short chapter today, so I only traveled 1.8 miles at 13.7 mph for 7.42 minutes & only burned 88 calories ...
Everyone's been fed & I am done with my new design section, Shadowplay Foal, in my online shoppe. It turned out pretty good.
I have all my paperwork ready for work tomorrow. I so don't look forward to this week. I have to service 3 stores each day (15 stores ...)
I didn't get the pictures of the critters or the updated laundryroom done today as planned. So, hopefully one day this week when I get home from work I will do that.
I've got an old stingray silhouette that I made after Steve Irwin died that I think I will add to my shoppe tomorrow. If I can get it to resize correctly.
Time to close up early again. Yahoogroups is still acting up & stripping attachments in the art group (even embedded images are being stripped.) Annoying & weird. It's not happening in my Incredimail-sharing groups at all!
Anyway, I'm going to play a game on my other computer & watch an old Clean House episode.
2 quotes today since I forgot to post one yesterday:

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. - Benjamin Franklin

Just don't blow up the son of a bitch who's wearing my coat. - Ezra Standish (Magnificent Seven, TV series)

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