Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7, 2009

I hope you've all had a memorable Pearl Harbor Day!
Early blog post today:

Where has this day gone!? It's almost 3:00pm already. I serviced 3 stores today, as planned. Yay, me ... only 12 more stores to go this week! I stopped at the paid storage on the way home & brought home 3 18-gallon bins of antiques. Mostly collector plates, bakeware & other odds & ends. Need to clean them all & decide which we'll keep & which will be set aside for the spring yard sale & which will be sold online ... Still quite a bit more in bins in the storage.
Just finished reading another chapter of Torchwood Another Life. Very short chapter! I only travelled 1.5 miles at 14.3 mph, for 6.24 minutes & burned only 76 calories.
Garbage man finally arrived. I need to go drag the can back under the carport.
I've got to get my mom to stop putting the garbage can in front of the big brick planter box. The arms of the garbage truck can claw are going to break it.
Must take Jorgy out for a potty break & then try to work on that stingray design for my online shoppe.
Damn! I sat down on the bottom step to wait for Jorgy & it was still wet from last night's rain! haha!
Well, it seems I didn't keep the stingray silhouette I made a few years ago. It's not on any of my drives ... bummer. Will have to make another one, but not today. I did add the new bags to 2 of my most popular designs in the shoppe, though. Chimpanzee Hug & Panda With Bamboo. They are in the Gifts & More sections of those designs.
I'm happy that I found a small version of the stingray silhouette & have just finished enlarging it & fixing the blurred edges. Turned out great, I think. I'll add it to the shoppe tomorrow after work.
Supposed to freeze again in the morning. So, I need to cover the veggie seedlings again before bed tonight.
Going to play games on my other computer for a while.
Today's quote comes from the great Col. Jack O'Neill:
"We have a rule here on Earth. Every kid has got to have a dog."
Stargate SG-1, Singularity.

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