Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 8, 2009

I did something really, really, really stupid yesterday. When we were getting the bins out of the car, I had left the keys in the car with the cd playing ... I didn't go back out when we were done to get my keys ... needless to say, this morning I have a dead battery!  I haven't killed a battery in 15 years!!!!!! Lucky spot, though. I had already brought the old battery charger home from the storage months ago! So, the battery will be charging all day instead of me going to work. I'll have to work an extra day next week to make up. So, I have just stripped my bed & started a load of wash; straightened up one of the fridges, took out some garbage & deciding what I will do next ...
We were verrrry cold overnight. Broke some records. It was 24F when I got up at 6 this morning. I had to break up the ice in the birdbath with the hand hoe & pour hot water in it! Brrr. We've had one of the local stray cats hanging out in Jorgy's yard between the lavender bushes against the fence the past couple days. Not sure if she is trying to stay warm or stalking our wild birds! She jumps out of the yard when I take Jorgy out in the morning.
Found my resistance rings & started using them. I couldn't remember where they were & found them in my tv cabinet in my room!  Odd place for them. They are now sitting on my ab-doer (which I need to start using again!) next to the exercycle ... which are all next to my desk. I have no excuses not to use them all now! Want to get some small dumbbells soon. My old ones are in my uncle's storage, I think. Who knows when we will get the rest of our stuff from there!
Have the sheets in the dryer now. When they are done, all the pillows will get 10 minutes each in the dryer to "fluff" them. That will take a while. I have a lot of pillows! haha!
My mom got all of the old kitchen stuff washed that I brought home yesterday. Have sorted a few things out for the yard sale.
Must check on battery charger, but don't want to go outside!!! ... Wasn't sure if it was connecting good, so sanded a bit of rust & corrosion off the clips. It's an old charger ... at least as old as me! I remember using it when I was 5!
Having a crappy lunch. Just couldn't decide what I wanted. So, I'm having salami & Ritz crackers with Brown Cow chocolate yogurt and Naked Protein Zone Mango.
I'm watching the funeral on a live feed from FoxNews (http://interactive.foxnews.com/livestream/live.html?chanId=6) of the Washington police officers who were murdered last week. The turnout from law enforcement is absolutely amazing. I am really impressed by the number of Canadian Mounties. They really stand out with their red uniforms.
I should be working on my online shoppe, but just not in the mood. My whole day is out-of-whack because of the stupid dead battery. Need to check on it again ...
Good chapter in Torchwood Another Life today. Traveled 3.6 miles at 14.2 mph for 14.36 minutes and burned 173 calories! Pretty good workout.
Have most of the pillows fluffed and the sheets on the bed. Need to rest before I start on all the blankets. There are lots of them since it has been getting so cold. I have to pace myself when I make a bed since it irritates my breathing. Plus, it is a heavy old sleigh bed (luckily on wheels) that I have to move away from the wall to work on.
Finally finished making my bed & fluffing my pillows for the week. I'm going to try to do it every week if I can.
We've decided to move the hexagonal fish tank this weekend. It's just not working out in the kitchen nook. It will get set on a small end table next to the bigger tank until after the Christmas tree is down. By then, we'll have the rest of the stuff out of the paid storage & I am hoping it will fit on the end of the stereo cabinet. If not, I'll have to buy a stand for it.
I listened to the FlyLady's 10th anniversary show on BlogTalk Radio tonight. It was a 2-hour show. It was kind of fun and I was in chat for a while, too. She has a lot of great ideas that I have been using to keep the clutter under control & try to get back to my organized ways that I kind of let go of over the past 10 years. I used to be very organized, but then gave up on it for various reasons. You might want to check her out at FlyLady.net
My battery is still not fully charged. Hope it is by morning, or I'll have to take the bus over to WalMart & get another one! I really shouldn't miss another day of work.
Boring tv tonight. Guess I'll stick with the classics. Andy Griffith Show, you're it!

Today's quote:

"What's the matter, haven't you ever seen a man take off a dress before?" - Barney Fife, The Andy Griffith Show

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