Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 29, 2009

Well, I did get some sleep last night, but I've been up since 5am ... couldn't fall back to sleep.
Very nervous about today. I hope I am able to help Curtis get all the furniture up the steps.
Found some fun videos this morning:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5XX9LX2es4 - couldn't embed this one as the uploader disabled this function for some reason.

For those who don't know, Bernard Cribbins plays Donna Noble's grandfather, Wilfred Mott, on Doctor Who. He was also in John Barrowman's first West End play, Anything Goes (the one where Elaine Paige 'discovered' him.)

Speaking of John Barrowman, he narrates this little gem:

Sad to read that John Barrowman has a chest infection and was unable to work today in his Robin Hood panto in Cardiff. Hope he recovers quickly!!
Oh, no. Lost track of time! Watching a Buster Keaton silent movie. I've got to eat something before Curtis gets here & feed the critters!
Not having good luck with the hex tank survival rate. Only 2 angel fish left. Found a dead ghost shrimp at feeding time & can't find the other one ... bummer. At this rate, we'll be cleaning the tank out & just getting more gold fish next month. :(
STILL waiting for my cousin! Why is it so hard for people to be on time? He's less than 30 minutes away ... I am so stressed.
I'm exhausted! But, we got the paid storage emptied!!! Luckily, neither of us fell or tripped or got hurt at all. Almost dropped the old 1920s icebox down the steps, but I slowed it's descent. It slipped out of the dolly belt as it was being pulled up. Luckily, it was the last thing to unload. Curtis was tired & tied it on wrong. Need to vacuum the couch & wipe down the recliner to get all the dust off them. Can't wait to start using the old stereo, too!
Curtis is going to try to come by next week to try to figure out how to fix the pick-up so it will pass smog, but in the mean time I have to get another extension or a non-op since the last one expires 12/31.
Found a home for an old set of computer speakers (from my first computer, a Win95, but they work on my Vista laptop, so they are good to go) to someone on the local Freecycle who wanted a set. She's picking them up in the morning. Meeting her by the park office.
Have a couple things I will be posting to Freecycle this weekend - queen-size mattress & boxspring & a working fridge (I have 3 now!)
I got a download of Caricature Studio & darn thing won't work. Bummer. I wanted to play with it! I'll try it again tomorrow.
I finished Torchwood Another Life last night. I couldn't wait to get to the end! Thrilling story. I'll start on Torchwood Border Princes tonight. I've decided to try to read a chapter each night before bed as well as when I work on the exercycle. I'll get through the books faster that way.
Hmmm. Has Twitter crashed? Keep getting the "problem loading page" thingie. Will wait a bit & see what happens ... been trying for 10 minutes so far.
Well, it wasn't Twitter that crashed. It was my wireless connection on the laptop. Will fix it tomorrow. Going to bed now. Tooo tired. I should sleep good tonight.
Sorry, no quote tonight. Too tired to look for a good one.

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