Monday, January 11, 2010

January 11, 2010

It's been a good day so far, even though it started with my car not starting! The battery cable came loose of the clamp. Fixed it & good to go. I got 3 stores serviced & did some shopping at Trader Joe's. Got some yummy mini carrot cakes & had 1 for lunch.
Time for some exercising!
I read another chapter in Torchwood Slow Decay while riding 5.1 miles at 17.5mph for 18.31 minutes & burned 246 calories. I also did my chair & resistance ring exercises. Need to rest a bit now!
Well, as much as I like listening to Shepard Smith's spots on FoxNews, I have even more reason now not to watch this channel ... they've hired Sarah Palin as a commentator!!! WTF!
I'm not doing much of anything this evening! Just don't feel like it! A new Make It Or Break It is on later, so will be watching that & hoping Anthony Starke will be in it. I guess I'll just read some fanfic & play a game until then.
Time for Make It Or Break It. Not much of a blog today ...
Here's a quote:

"Diversity has been written into the DNA of American life; any institution that lacks a rainbow array has come to seem diminished, if not diseased." - Joe Klein

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