Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 14, 2010

A history lesson for Pat Robertson & his followers:

It's been a long day ... only did 1 store here in town, but there was a big project to do that took nearly 4 hours.
Went to the store after & also got some Priority Mail boxes from their little postal area. Just finished packaging the model train cars I sold yesterday.
Need to get my exercises done!
Didn't ride the exercycle today, but I did do my chair exercises, resistance rings & counter push-ups.
Wading through all my mail & Twitter feeds took way too long today. But, RT'd a lot for Haiti relief & the Prop 8 trial news. Important stuff, I think.
Now, going to read some fanfic before CSI starts.
Mama dove has laid egg #2 today. I'm marking these to keep track of gestation.
No quote tonight ...

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