Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15, 2010

Got 2 stores serviced today & mailed the package from my Etsy sale & was home by 11! Very easy day. Cleared some of the crap from storage from the carport & locked it in the bed of the pick-up so I could get to my recycling. Sorted & bagged up some more recycling. Need to take it to the recycler next week.
I'm getting really annoyed trying to update my Pando program on the XP computer. Very frustrating that it keeps saying that it did not install completely when I have done it 4 times already!
Almost time for dinner & it smells gooood.
Finally got the reinstall & updates done on Pando & I still can't get the darn download to finish on either computer of the program I'm trying to get! Both computers it stops at 37%.
Got in all my exercises. Exercycle ... 1 chapter in Torchwood Slow Decay; 18.2 mph; 5 miles; 17.14 minutes; 243 calories. Good.
Wow, what a quiet ... pretty boring day. Gonna close up now.

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