Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 16, 2010

Lots to do today & probably won't get it all done. Off to eat some breakfast & then clean the doves cage.
Doves are cleaned & fed, fish are fed, Jorgy's fed ... time for exercises.
Lunch is finished. Had a pastrami sandwich, sweet potato chips & dried fruit, along with a Protein Zone drink.
Rode the exercycle for 5 miles at 15.9 mph for 18.36 minutes & burned 243 calories while reading a chapter of Torchwood Slow Decay.
I thought I had serious takers for the queen-size bed & the fridge, but no one has shown up today. So, looks like Monday I'll be calling someone to haul them to the dump. What a shame.
Yay! I now have PCStitch Pro 9 on my computer!!!
I think it's time to make some basic bread in the bread machine.
That didn't take long. Bread is baking. Can't wait! Smells sooo good.
Well, that was interesting ... A guy came knocking at the door asking about the rabbit that lives in the ditch behind us. He thought it was someone's pet that got loose ... he almost hit it on Pioneer Road behind us. I showed him where the rabbit lives & he was sitting there eating wild grass as if he'd always been there. The guy asked if his kids could come look at it. The wife & 5 kids were in the van, so they came over the deck & through Jorgy's yard to look at the big bunny they'd been worried about. Cute. He's a pastor, so of course had to give me a pamphlet before they left.
Still no sign of the people that wanted the fridge or bed ... grrr.
Mama dove is now sitting on FOUR eggs! I think one of the other doves is a female and layed 2 of them ... maybe ... they are all marked in the order they were laid, so I can toss any that sit too long.
Reading a really good fanfic. G'night!

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