Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 17, 2010

Getting a late start today online. Went to the store this morning as my mom said she needed some things for a recipe she wanted to make. Of course she wanted to go to Grocery Outlet & not BelAir, so they didn't have all the things she wanted. So, we got other things instead & still spent $60!
I listened to a spot on the Elaine Paige BBC radio show this morning (on iplayer) so I could hear 2 of John Barrowman's new songs from his upcoming album. Loved them, of course. If you want to listen to them, go here:
His songs are at approximately 0:41 & 1:10 in if you don't want to listen to the whole show.
I'm having a lazy lunch: Health Valley Organic Garden Herb Multigrain crackers with Affi's Artichoke Spread. Yum. But, I just realized I overlooked an ingredient on the crackers! Corn flour!  Grrr. Can't get them again.
It's Sunday, so I am catching up with the week's surveys that haven't expired. Will probably take me a couple of hours!
Finished my surveys. A few were expired or I didn't qualify for, but a couple I was able to complete.
Time for exercises. I bought a balance ball today & aired it up. Will try it out tonight before bed.
Read another chapter of Torchwood Slow Decay while riding the exercycle for 5.2 miles at 16.2 mph for 18.24 minutes & burning 251 calories. Did all my chair exercises first & now working the resistance rings.
Working on a fanart wall for a challenge in one of the groups I am in. Can't decide exactly what I want to do with it, though!
Just finished a fanart wall:

I'm getting a headache. I haven't drunk enough water today ...
Going to close up for the night. Still have a bit of a headache. No work tomorrow. Yay! But, I need to call around & get prices on a hauler to take the bed & fridge to the dump this week.
A poem--I used this one on my fanart tonight:
Dreams in the Dusk by Carl Sandburg

Dreams in the dusk,
Only dreams closing the day
And with the day's close going back
To the gray things, the dark things,
The far, deep things of dreamland.

Dreams, only dreams in the dusk,
Only the old remembered pictures
Of lost days when the day's loss
Wrote in tears the heart's loss.

Tears and loss and broken dreams
May find your heart at dusk.

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