Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19, 2010

I decided not to work today as it was storming too much & too many wrecks on the highway I needed to take ... Yeah, lazy chicken, but at least no risk of death by crazy drivers! Will reassess tomorrow. I may end up having to work the weekend if the storms stick around.
I ended up accepting my old moderator job back at the group I mentioned yesterday. But, hopefully, won't be doing as much as in the past since there are 2 other mods now. We'll see ...
It was storming so bad this morning, Jorgy wouldn't finish pottying outside. We both got soaked! And, she is only 8 lbs, so kept being pushed by the wind. Made a mess inside an hour later ... grr.
Time for exercises!   
It takes less than 10 minutes to do all of my chair exercises & resistance rings; 17 exercises with various repetitions on each. Not bad. Now to the exercycle!
Travelled 5.2 miles at 16.0 mph for 19 minutes & burned 248 calories. Then I did 5 counter push-ups (my bathroom counter is sure lower than the kitchen counter!) & balanced precariously on my exercise ball front and back for 5 seconds each. That wasn't easy! I need to find a site with more exercises for the ball ...
I found a site for exercise ball exercises & copied them to a text file. Will try some of them this evening before bed.
I just finished with FlyLady's Monday Zone mission, straightening the stuff under my bed. Will do today's after lunch. I really need to start doing more of them! I also picked out my next things to list on Etsy. A vintage gold compact & a vintage gold cuff-link & tie pin set. Need to research those.
Multigrain crackers & red pepper hummus with a cup of Greek honey yogurt for lunch. Yum.
Annnnd, I finished today's Zone mission & got rid of 4 pairs of old socks! Two to garbage, 2 to Goodwill.
Made a dent in the book clutter on the floor of my office. Straightend up a few of the shelves to fit more in them. So, just one stack of car manuals still on the floor. Need to list more books online to sell!
Tossed a few magazines, too!
I keep wondering if I should go back and tag some of my posts on this blog ... will it make them go out of order ... might look into that later.
Just had a turkey hot stick for a snack. My mouth is on fire now!
It sure is difficult to research some vintage things. I can only guess on the years they were made. But, I get as close as I can with what I know about the pieces. Going to list a Hickok gold cufflink & tie clasp set from the '60s & a Tussy gold compact from the '50s tomorrow.
Yay! I heard thunder!!!
But, that was it. Just 1 little rumble & no sign of lightning ... :(
Grrr. My PSP crashed while I was making some fanart for a challenge! Lost all the pictures I was going to use ... have to hunt them all down again ... tomorrow ... Oh, what the heck, I'll check ...
Yay, it auto-saved all the pics!!! Going to try to finish the challenge.
I finished the artwork. It is a Glee wall! Mainly Chris Colfer, but some of the other kids, too. It's late, so I will upload it tomorrow.
Almost time for a new ep of White Collar, so I'll close up now.
Today's quote:
"Gays and lesbians are our friends, neighbors, doctors, colleagues, sisters and brothers.  Does it sit well with you that because of their sexual orientation, a factor outside one’s control, that they should have less rights and protections in the eyes of the law?" - Margaret Hoover

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