Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 2, 2010

Ach! I've got to eat something! I woke up before 7 this morning roasting. My mom had turned the darn heater on. My room always gets hot quickly.
Must change the walnut shell litter & clean the trays for the doves today. And, take the seed guard sheet off to wash. That is going to take a few hours this morning.
Just got finished cleaning the doves. Had to change the walnut shell litter & clean the grates (they are in my old 3x3x3 puppy playpen until I can get them a cage on wheels in the spring.) Put new sheets down under the cage & pinned around the bottom to cut down on wing-swept messes.
Work starts back up on Monday ... I so don't want to!!! I would rather list stuff online or make some new graphics, which I haven't had time to do much of on my days off ...
I really want to make a batch of cookies (Pumpkin Spice) & some bread (Pumpkin Cranberry), too ... but, my mom wants to rearrange her room now.
The queen-size mattress & boxspring are now on the porch with a FREE sign on them. Now, I need to eat something ...
I have so many bruises on my arms from moving all the furniture the other day, I just can't do any more! And, there is something in the air lately. I had to take an asthma pill today. Haven't had to take any since we moved here until now. I still need to do my exercises ...
Going to bake now. Leave me alone! Quit bugging me to do other stuff I don't want to do!
The pumpkin cranberry quick bread is done!! The first tray of pumpkin spice cookies in in the oven now. 3 more to go after that! Hope I can get them all done by 3:45, but I don't think I will. That is when Doctor Who starts. Don't want to miss a second! Going to get my exercises done now.
Got my chair exercises done, my counter push-ups done & my exercycling done, along with reading another chapter of Torchwood Border Princes (really good story.) Travelled 4.4 miles at 18.8mph for 14.18 minutes & burned 211 calories! I was actually sweating!
Doctor Who was fantastic! I'm really gonna miss 10! I wonder if Alonso will show up in Torchwood ...
Gonna close up early again.
Here's a cute pic to end the day:

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