Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21, 2010

Ah, late starting the blog notes today.
I just finished riding my exercycle & reading another chapter of Torchwood Slow Decay. Traveled 4.8 miles at 17.4 mph for 16.49 minutes & burned 233 calories! I did my chair exercises and resistance rings earlier.
I only serviced 2 stores today. Will do the other 3 tomorrow after my mom's dr. appt.
This has been a lazy evening. Actually, this whole week has felt that way ... Just reading emails & Tweets and playing Blackbeard's Island on Facebook on the other computer.
Need to air my tires up tomorrow when I take my mom to her dr. appt. Hate that I am going to pay for air when I have 2 air compressors. But, they are both buried in the shed & it was too cold when I got home to unbury them & use them!  Grr.
I need to go to Whole Foods & Trader Joe's before I come home tomorrow after I get those 3 stores done. I need a couple of ingredients for some recipes I want to make this weekend, plus toilet paper & some other stuff. I wish they had those stores over here, but only in Sacramento. Luckily, they are across from stores that I service every month.
I don't think I'm going to get my 64 oz. of fluids in today ... Once I finish this tea, that will be about 50 ... hmmm, I'm staying up late to watch Burn Notice, so maybe I will get another glassful of water in ...
Dang. Forgot to do my Zone Cleaning yesterday--dust my bedroom, so I'll do it tonight before bed. I don't have any hot spots in there, so don't need to do today's zone! Yay, me!
Yay, I'm on my last drink for the night! I'll make that 64 oz. This is something I think I will always have to work on. I've always dehydrated easily & haven't always taken in enough fluids in the past. One of the causes of my migraines--nutritional for me. Not enough fluids & malnutrition by not taking in enough of certain minerals (mainly magnesium, which I take supplements for.) But, by taking in enough fluid, I can eliminate that as one of the reasons for the migraines! Just like I did with the magnesium a few years ago.
I dread tomorrow. It is going to be a long day, depending on how long my mom is made to wait at the clinic & how long at the pharmacy for her Rx order. I probably won't get to Sacramento until noon! This sucks & my hip is really bothering me again. I should make her go by herself & take the truck to work ... but, if it rains, my damn headlights don't work.
Wow! My friend Velda just sent me a cool link to another site to sell handmade crafts. The amazing thing is that it is totally free to list & sell there! And, you can link to your other selling sites! I'm opening a shop there tomorrow! Until I get my craft room set up, I'm just going to link to my Etsy store as an added way to advertise! I'm going to research the site this weekend to see what the most popular & unusual sells are there.
Sorry, no quote tonight.

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