Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 23, 2010

Good day so far. A load of laundry done completely; birds cleaned & fed & floor around cage vacuumed. I found a nice piece of solid dark blue material in one of the craft bins to use as a backdrop for photos of things I'll be selling online. Need to iron that in a bit as it has creases from being folded. The old baby blanket I had been using is just too busy-looking.
I've finished all of my chair exercises!
Interesting thing I forgot to mention yesterday is that I had a guy from a merchandising company ask if I was interested in more work. He saw me servicing one of my glasses displays. Gave me his card. I'll file it for future reference.
My mom has decided to spend the day in bed! So, I'll need to wash the dishes later & start some soup in the crock pot, I think. After lunch I'll do that.
Ironed the piece of material & have set up a display of the next thing I'm going to get listed for sale. Need to figure out my new camera in a bit!
I also spritzed all the inside plants with water.
I need to find instructions on how to melt down old candles that have lost their wicks. I have at least 3 I need to combine into one with a new wick ...
I'm doing pretty good on fluids today. I'm on my 3rd glassful already!
Got the Buckeye Bean soup started in the crockpot! The water is waiting to 'boil' in it; the beans are all rinsed; the onion is cut.
Washed the glass cake display (can't remember what it's called right now!) Anyway, it is ready for more cookies later.
I was able to scrape the old candle wax out of one of my candle holders & put in one of the others. And, I scraped the middle out of that one & was able to put a new wick into it. The other I was able to scrape enough away from the top to actually find the old wick & expose it enough to use again. I really didn't want to go through dealing with using the double boiler to melt them down & start over. Just no time today. But this will work!
I just got my new Kodak camera's software installed & registered & took my first pics! Hope they turn out. I love the big viewfinder!
It took a while, but I finally figured out how to get the pictures out of the new camera! It just wasn't clicking for a bit! I was getting frustrated! But, I am very happy with the quality of the pics with this camera! I now have the incentive to get rid of my oldest computer!! I only kept it because the other good digital camera I had would only work on the ME, but it was such a hassle to deal with the twain driver to get the pics off the camera. Gonna ask a friend if she wants it. If not, it will get listed on freecycle, sharecycle & craigslist. And, if that doesn't work, it'll go to the electronics dump (that would be a shame, since it still works ...)
Time to make some fresh bread!
The bread is baking in the bread machine. Making whole wheat this time. I'm starting to get a migraine ... don't think I will get to making any cookies today ...
Took an Excedrin for migraines & it hasn't made a dent yet ... damn! I need to get the 2 things listed on Etsy that I took pictures for! But, I can't concentrate to think up good tags for them! I want to re-take the pictures for the items I already have listed, too. Doesn't look like I will get to that today, though!
It's been so peaceful out here today with my mom in her room. She did come out for a bit & wash a few of the dishes, then disappeared again ...
Well, I had to make my mom come out & help me. I had taken the recycling out to the carport where the bins are. While I was out (since it wasn't raining) I went around front to look at all our bulbs that are blooming. There are some really cute mini daffodils blooming! Anyway, I found that the skirting had popped loose behind the flower bed, so had to pop it back into place. I figured I better do a circuit around the trailer to make sure nothing else had been damaged during the recent storms. Sure enough, a piece of corner siding up near the roof had torn off. So, I had to get my mom to come out and hold the ladder while I repaired it. Finished just in time for the rain to start again & then got inside in time for the timer to go off on the bread machine. Fresh bread is ready to be sliced now!
Soup's not quite done yet, so dinner will be a little late. In the mean time, I got my listings added to Etsy!
Vintage 1950s Hickok Tie Clasp/Cuff Link Set & Vintage 1950s Tussy Compact.
The soup turned out great! Had a 1/2 slice of homemade bread & half a banana, too.
I've just about surpassed 64 oz. of fluids today. That's very good. But, I still have a headache ...
It's been a long, busy day so I am going to my room to read & hope my migraine ends before morning.
Today's quote:
"You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you." ~Anonymous

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