Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 24, 2010

Been up most of the night with this damn migraine! Finally got out of bed at about 5. Still feel like crap. So, not going to do too much today, I think.
Very frustrated with the fish tanks. I have an overabundance of brown diatom (algae) blooms in both tanks. Just cleaned them last week & there is more + this week. I know it happens in new tanks, but I am already doing everything you are supposed to do to get rid of it! There's enough light, I don't over-feed or overcrowd, there's adequate aeration, live plants, etc. I am not sure of the silicate level in this awful Woodland water, though, so that might be the main problem. So, sometime today I need to pull out all the plastic plants & boil them and wipe down the inside of the glass. I am really not up to draining or cleaning the gravel today ...
Well, my mom is apparently coming out of her room today ... the peace & quiet is gone ...
Guess I will start going through this week's surveys & catch up on those. Also need to eat something ...
Looks like it's about to start raining again soon.
Well, the headache is trying to subside. Decided to use the tongs and pull out all the plastic plants & accessories from the fish tank & boil them all. Fish aren't happy, though. Next I'll wipe down the inside glass with a towel & stir up the gravel a bit. Gonna cloud up the water for a bit & then will change the filters after I replant the plants. Wet mess ...
Fish are done. Headache's back ...
What do I want for lunch!! I have noooo idea ...
Ah, quesadillas! An easy stand-by when I can't think of anything else! Maybe with some pepper flakes melted in the cheese ...
Spent a couple of hours clearing out some files I don't use on my external hard drive & organized some of my extra font files. Need to do that more often! I need to go through & delete about 30GB of crap, at least.  I got rid of about 7GB today.
Having leftovers for dinner. The soup is reheating in the crockpot now.
Need to decide what pictures to use on some challenge art I have sitting in my PSP.
Just finished some fanart of Anthony Starke:

I just love this actor & have for years. The images are from various roles he's been in over the years. The top right is from a cult classic, Return of the Killer Tomatoes which he starred in with George Clooney back in 1988!  Bottom right is my favorite role of Ezra Standish in The Magnificent Seven! He's currently on a show called Make It Or Break It on the ABCFamily channel.
This week is going to be hectic. My mom has 2 dr. appts on different days, late enough that I can't work before or after. The national manager for my company & my district manager are doing a tour of stores this week, so I have to make sure I get to certain ones before they go to them & make sure my displays are in good shape ... plus, I have a HUGE double project in one of my stores that may take more than 4 hours to do. Yeah, I can get all that done in 3 days ...riiiiight ... at least my migraine is gone for now.
Well, I just got a response from my manager ... the double project takes one person SEVEN hours ... I can't do that. I will have to split it over 2 days! That sucks!!
I didn't do any exercises today other than 5 counter push-ups!! Hate that. And, I only drank about 50 oz. of fluids today. Not enough, but it is too late to drink any more tonight.
Must do better on both counts tomorrow! I'll at least get a lot of walking done in my stores.
I think I will close up early tonight & play Blackbeard's Island.
Here's a quote:
"The girl of my dreams is a vegetable!" Chad Finletter (played by Anthony Starke), Return of the Killer Tomatoes

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