Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 26, 2010

I almost decided to not do a blog today, but thought, Why the hell not!
I've always thought it was ridiculous that people will complain about the things that are shared with them freely. You know, if you join a group (in Yahoo, Google, or some other group-like setting), there's such a thing as a delete button. It really does prevent a lot of hard feelings if you use it without complaint. You don't like something you are reading, press the delete button. You were allowed to join by the person who created the group. YOU wanted in the group, so that includes getting the messages made to the group. Don't like them, delete them or LEAVE THE GROUP. Same with the newer types of socializing. No one forced you to follow someone, so stop complaining about their messages. Just scroll past them or UNFOLLOW them! Why upset someone because you don't want to bother using your head? Why make something enjoyable for the person posting into something upsetting? You're having a bad day, don't pass it on to others!
Why am I upset about this? Because 3x now I've had people complain to me about what I post on MY Twitter page. Why do you have to RT everything? Why are you sending so many music links? How can I stop getting all the Prop 8 tweets you're sending? You don't like them, too bad. There are apparently 230+ others who don't seem to mind, or know how to scroll past them & read the ones that interest them.

And, now for something fun!

I've decided to unblock this blog, so after tonight, all posts are visible to the public. Don't like them, don't read them!
Going to close up now & watch another Full House. Love that show!
A quote:
"What ever crushes individuality is despotism, no matter what name it is called." - John Stuart Mill

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