Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 3, 2010

Did not want to get up this morning, but did before 7, anyway ... I'm trying very hard not to have a migraine & not throw up ... so far, so good ...
Got my nails clipped & will do Jorgy's & Candace's in a bit.
Doing my chair exercises in a few minutes.
Breakfast done; critters fed; bathroom counter/sink wiped down; exercises done; critter nails done.
Travelled 4.1 miles at 16.3mph for 13.53 minutes, burning 197 calories & read 1 chapter in Torchwood Border Princes. I only have 1 chapter left as I read about 10 last night before bed.
Just brought in the boxes from the shed so my mom can put the Christmas stuff away. I'm going to research another old book to put on Etsy this morning. I think it will be Jonathan Livingston Seagull today.
I finally organized my bookmarks! Made lots of folders, so now I don't have to scroll down a mile to find something!
I am soooo loving John Barrowman being on Twitter!!
Forgot to mention yesterday that the Black Moor goldfish died.  Very sad. He was fine in the morning, but at dinnertime ... he was dinner ...
Have decided to actually read Jonathan Livingson Seagull. Never have all these years. This copy was my late aunt Juanita's, I think. So, it's next after I finish Torchwood Border Princes tonight.
Must eat now. I think I'll have the leftover chicken and rice. Did 10 counter push-ups while I microwaved it.
Got the JLS book listed; will decide on another one after I eat.
Just listed another old book, about writing. I decided to have all my Etsy sales include free shipping. They didn't cost me anything, so it's not like it will hurt my profit!
My mom is finally starting to pack up the Christmas stuff. Guess I will go outside & bring in the outside decorations & then take down the window clings.
Where did all this damn Christmas decoration crap come from!
Still trying to get the Christmas crap put up. I am having to tie up the little branches on each limb so the tree will fit back in its box! Ugh! I still have to vacuum and move the stereo. So much for my last day off doing nothing physical before work starts tomorrow!
Finally have all the Christmas crap boxed up for another year. It's all in the craftroom-to-be right now until I can straighten up the shed enough to fit it all in there ...
Watching The Birds on BBCA, so closing up now.

Today's quote:
"We don't have to say or think what we don't wish to. We have a choice in those things, and we have to realize that and practice using that choice." Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

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