Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 30, 2010

Today I feel so blah.
Felt the same yesterday, so sorry there was no blog. It was a long day. My mom had another dr. appt. that took too long & then she wanted to go grocery shopping. Didn't get home until after 1pm. No work yesterday, so I was going to try to work today & just couldn't. So, that put me a bit behind in my projects. So, will have to make up for it next week.
Been trying to call around to haulers today to see when I can get someone to haul the extra fridge & bed away. No one is answering, of course! I was hoping to have them gone this weekend, but looks like I'll have to try next week.
I got all my chair exercises done & trying to get the energy to ride the exercycle ...
I've been in pain a lot this week, so I think that is what is dragging me down. I've been trying not to take too many tylenols or aspirin, but sometimes, there is no choice.
Called around to the local auto parts stores for prices on brake pads for the Toyota. Curtis is supposed to come over & change them tomorrow for me.
Talk about having no energy ... just rode the exercycle for only 2.45 minutes, going .8 miles at 19.5mph & only burned 42 calories. I read a very short chapter in Torchwood Something In the Water. Need to take a tylenol ... back/hip is killing me.
My internet connection has been so sluggish this month. I hope when they finish upgrading things it gets better. Supposed to upgrade everyone that isn't already at their Internet 3 level for free this month. But, of course the cable TV went up about $4.
I really need to eat something, but feeling too sick. But, I have to find something ... nothing sounds good, nothing looks good ...
I want to light a candle, but not in the mood for my mom complaining about 'what's that smell?'
I ended up having the old standby of quesadillas. Not what I wanted, but had to eat something.
I wish I knew why the damn TV was even on. Every time a loud commercial comes on, she turns the sound off and then leaves it off! Guess I'll listen to John Barrowman on the headphones for a while since I can't watch TV without sound on ...
And, now I'm getting a headache ... and, Jorgy has decided to hide between the back of the couch & my desk on all the computer cables!
This is so not my day ...
Straightened up the shelf in my bedroom closet & got the rest of the jewelry boxes & suitcases up off the floor. I have more room to use my exercise ball in my bedroom now.
I think I'll go out on the porch & scrub the outside of Papa's ice box & sweep the birdseed off the top. Our wild birds are so messy! It's a nice day out & I shouldn't totally waste it.
Did as much as I could on the ice box today. It'll take a lot more cleaning to get 40+ years of grease & dirt off of it, then sand & paint it.
I'm trying really hard not to blow up today. I'm hurting so much, it's putting me in a very bad mood & Jorgy is not helping!
I've gotta take another tylenol. Second today. I just don't want to get back into taking them nearly every hour of the day like I used to ... even my bad shoulder is hurting today ...
My headache is nearly gone! I'm on track to drink a full 64 oz. of fluids today. Very good. Still feel like crap because of my hip bothering me so much, but at least my head doesn't hurt!
Time to go to bed. Watching an old Miss Marple movie & then Sea Hawk with Errol Flynn in a bit. Classics.

A quote:
Capt. Geoffrey Thorpe: Your ship is sinking, Captain.
Captain Lopez: Then we shall drown together.
Capt. Geoffrey Thorpe: Brave, but impractical. Now we English are a practical people. I've no intention of drowning with you.
The Sea Hawk, 1940

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