Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31, 2010

Feeling a bit better today. Hope Curtis gets here early to fix the brakes. I don't want to spend all day on it!
Curtis still not here. Guess I will go out and fill all the bird feeders & clean the bird bath ...
Got all the bird feeders & bird bath cleaned & filled. Had to throw the pretty stained glass feeder away as I dropped one of the panes & shattered it ... :(
My friend, Inger's niece Henriette, is in the bootcamp for X-Factor Denmark & has been grouped with 2 other young ladies as a group. Here is one of their songs:

Henriette is in the middle. She has a lovely voice & some of her covers can be found on her YouTube page:
Good luck to her on X-Factor DK!
What do I want for lunch!? I have no idea ...
Still no cousin ... going to have lunch now. Leftovers. Then, I'll do my exercises.
Well, I read another chapter of Torchwood Something In The Water while riding my exercycle 2.2 miles at 17.3 mph for 7.28 minutes and burned 107 calories. A lot better than yesterday, but not my best! Did all my chair exercises, resistance rings & counter push-ups, too! Now to rest a bit before I go out & clean the furnace filter. Not going to count on Curtis showing up ... figures.
I have the filter furnace drying against the fence in the sunlight. Yes, we have lots of sun today. Very nice out!
Time for a snack!  Amy's Organic Bunny Classics Buttery Rich Crackers with Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. Yum.
My mom is making a Shepherd's Pie recipe for dinner that she found in BelAir's Something Extra magazine.
Well, Curtis showed up & it's too late to start on the brakes. He's been stuck at his dad's all day doing his billing for his trucking business. Uncle Buddy can be so trying ... So, Curtis is going to come back Tues. after I get off work & change the brakes - hope it doesn't rain. Oh, well, at least my car still stops! But, he could have called. He was just around the corner!
I can't believe I refreshed the page of the game I was playing!!! Argh! So much for a high score there! Starting back at the beginning!
I think I'll read some fanfic ...
Going to bed now. Reading a really good fanfic that's a crossover of Supernatural & Dresden Files.
No quote today.

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