Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4, 2010

Today was a hard day. Traffic about killed me & stressed me out. It was a bad air day, too.
But, I got 2 stores serviced, as planned.
Just finished dinner. Wasn't that great. Whitefish with too much lemon sauce & spinach mozzarella ravioli with too much cheese sauce ... I'm not a sauce fan. But, my mom didn't even really like it ... so it must have been too much.
Had to throw one of the dove eggs out. Baby died during pipping. Have another one that is half-way pipped through the egg, so it might make it. Not sure if the other 3 eggs are viable ones, so will wait on those a few days.
Tonight Make It or Break It starts back up. Can't wait. Hope Anthony Starke has some decent scenes. He's the only reason I watch it! I'm not interested in the teenagers or the sports stuff!
I finished reading Torchwood Border Princes last night. That was a good story. I'm going to start reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull tonight. I can't do any exercises tonight, although I did do 5 counter push-ups when I got home. My breathing is just too "off" & my ankle is bothering me. So no exercycle ... :( Hope tomorrow is easier & a better air day. Have 3 stores to service here in Woodland. Need to go to the bank, the store & DMV, too ...
I'm trying to make a cross-stitch pattern of my Shadowplay Foal design. But, this old PCStitch program is just not cooperating on my Vista computer. The symbols/colored squares will not fill the page the way I want. I can see it fine, but it may be too small for others, as this will be a design for sale. Will try again tomorrow.
Wow. Just did my chair exercises & it was actually hard! Really wore myself out working, I guess.
Just checked on baby dove. Poor thing is really weak & I had to take the rest of the egg off its head, so we'll see if it makes it. Mama is reeeeeal protective.
Trying to catch up on Twitter & my Firefox keeps freezing up! That hasn't happened in a long time (several updates ago.)
Downloading some of the Torchwood radio plays that I hadn't saved when they were first released last year. Can't wait to listen to them again. Going to burn them to cd to listen to them in the car.
Checked on baby dove again & still hanging in there. Mama was off the nest eating & when I wiggled the nest from outside the cage to see if it was still moving, she rushed over to protect it! Good mama.
Closing up to watch Make It Or Break It.

Here's a poem for the day:
Good Night! Which put the Candle out? by Emily Dickinson

Good Night! Which put the Candle out?
A jealous Zephyr -- not a doubt --
Ah, friend, you little knew
How long at that celestial wick
The Angels -- labored diligent --
Extinguished -- now -- for you!

It might -- have been the Light House spark --
Some Sailor -- rowing in the Dark --
Had importuned to see!
It might -- have been the waning lamp
That lit the Drummer from the Camp
To purer Reveille!

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