Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5, 2010

Today seems to be a better day than yesterday. I got 3 stores serviced, went to the bank & the grocery store. I didn't get to the DMV, so will have to do that tomorrow (I forgot to take the papers I needed anyway.) I need to get another extension on the truck's registration ...
Baby dove seems to be doing great; has already nearly doubled in size & mama is very good with it & caught her feeding it before I left for work this morning.
Shocked that my mom says she got on the exercycle today! She hasn't been on it in about a year at least! Good!
I need to get on there once I catch up on my Twitter feed.
I have a slow connection again today ...
I've decided I need to get a new digital camera ... just have to research & decide how much I want to pay. It has to be a decent one, since it is for my online work.
Just ordered some things from FlyLady's shop: a timer, a dryer kit & a stainless steel bottle. Been wanting those for quite a while.
I was a bit disappointed in Make It Or Break It last night ... Anthony Starke wasn't in it ... hope he is next week!
Dinner will be a bit late, it seems. I bought pecan breaded trout fillets & my mom decided at the last minute that the breading would come off if she fried them, so she's going to bake them instead ...
Off to the exercycle to read chapter 2 of Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
I think I broke my own record ... 19.1 mph; 5.6 miles; 18.58 minutes; 271 calories!! I'm sweating a lot & dinner better hurry up! I'm not all that impressed by the book, though. I'll finish it tonight before bed, so I can start on another Torchwood book tomorrow.
Dinner is done. It wasn't bad. Always love trout. The butternut squash risotto was interesting ... it was good, but it was too much. I'm stuffed. Jorgy got stuffed, too. She had some of my mom's trout (mostly the skin) & some risotto. She's rolling on the carpet in glee right now!
I finally got a chance to watch some clips of John Barrowman from a guest spot he did on the Paul O'Grady show back in September when he was doing La Cage Aux Folles. It's in 2 parts:
Sorry I couldn't embed them, but the uploader disabled that. It is a really fun interview.
I've been watching these great vids from BBC's Around the World In 80 days for Children in Need from last November. I found the episode John Barrowman was in & I will share them tomorrow as the embed links are not cooperating with me tonight!!  Grr.

Time to close up now!
Too tired to find a quote or poem tonight!

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