Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 6, 2010

I finally listed the extra fridge & queen set in the local freecycle group. Hope I get some takers! Need to get the porch straightened up soon so I can start filling bins with soil & planting seeds for the spring garden.
Just joined the group, so if freecycle doesn't work, I can post there, too, if I can figure out the site ...
Baby dove is getting more active, so just might be a survivor!

Well, I promised you the vid clips of John Barrowman's episode of Around The World in 80 Days for Children In Need, but the darn things would not load in order, so I am giving you the YouTube links in order:
Got 1 store serviced today & then went to a couple craft stores to price a few things (Michael's & JoAnn's) & to Walmart to price a new flag & pole, and a covered cart to pull behind my bike (they are made for kids, but I want it for groceries & Jorgy!)
Need to make a couple quesadillas for lunch now.
I finished reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull last night ... I didn't like it ... back to my Torchwood books today!
Damn, that first chapter of Torchwood Slow Decay was long! I traveled 6.3 miles at 19.8mph for 20 minutes & burned 307 calories for another record while reading it! Whoooo. I'm bushed! And, sweating!
Time to catch up with my Twitter feed!
It's 2:30pm & I'm still catching up on Twitter. Lots of links to good articles.
I just did my low-impact chair exercises & added some exercise with the resistance rings while sitting here.
OMG, my mom is going to try to use the exercycle again! Good.
Ha! She decided to copy me & read while she rode! She did 10 minutes! Yay!
Finally caught up on Twitter & emails after dinner.
Sad to find out that John Barrowman lost out to Neil Patrick Harris for Gay Man of the Decade over at It was a fun battle, which they both have been tweeting about the past few days. It was great exposure for them & for the site & got a lot of people talking in a good way about gays. Good stuff.
Oh, & John announced the tracklist on his upcoming self-titled album, John Barrowman. It's due out in February! Yay, birthday present for me! Here's the tracks:


When I Get My Name In Lights (from The Boy from Oz)
One Night Only (from Dreamgirls)
Copacabana (from Copacabana)
I Won’t Send Roses (from Mack and Mabel)
Memory (from Cats)
The Kid Inside (from Is There Life After High School?)
My Eyes Adored You (from Jersey Boys)
Don't Cry Out Loud (from The Boy From Oz)
So Close (from Enchanted) duet with Jodie Prenger
Unusual Way (from Nine)
You’ll Never Walk Alone (from Carousel)
The Winner Takes It All (from Mamma Mia!)
Oh What A Night (from Jersey Boys)

Annoyingly, there is another track that will only be available on iTunesUK - The Doctor and I (an adaptation of The Wizard and I from Wicked) which I love! (But, I'll track it down ... I always do if I want something bad enough!) You can read the announcement on his website:

There will be 2 episodes of Glee on tonight (reruns ...) so something good & fun to watch on TV!
Love this vid of Burrito having a birthday feast today. He turned 27!

Learn more about Burrito & the rest of the Cle Elum Seven here:
Guess I will close up now & play a game before Glee starts.
A quote:
"Remember the tea kettle - it is always up to its neck in hot water, yet it still sings!"
~Author Unknown

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