Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 7, 2010

Didn't work today. Had to get the DMV visit done to get the extension on the truck's registration. OMG! Today was not a good day to go. I forgot they are still closed on Fridays, so it was soooo crowded there! I think I was there for 2 hours. Luckily, the extension didn't cost anything. I have until March 4 to get the truck fixed now. Hope I can get it done this time & it will pass the smog test.
I went to WalMart, too & bought a new digital camera. It's a Kodak. I like the look of it, so hope it will do what I need it to as far as taking nice, clear shots of the stuff I am selling online.
Talked with my mom about the remodeling plans we have & the stages we will be doing it in. I think she understands now that doing full room remodels can't happen at one time because of the cost. She's one that doesn't want to wait & wants things all finished at once. Can't happen that way because of the cost & I am the one doing everything, so I have to learn about some of it first, which takes a while. Such as, I've never done tiling (except the final sealing stage when my cousin did his kitchen many years ago,) so I have to learn about it so I don't make a mess of things & make it cost more. Babysteps ...
Sadly, baby dove died today ... so took it and the rest of the eggs away so mama can start over.
Time to take a ride on the exercycle. I didn't read last night before bed, so can't wait to see what happens next in Torchwood Slow Decay.
Wow, I'm worn out! I travelled 5.6 miles at 18.7 mph for 18.58 minutes & burned 276 calories. Not bad at all. Now, I have to go move the old fridge to the deck & put the newer one in its place. My mom is almost done emptying the old one.
Have the fridges switched out. Got the freezer scrubbed on the newer one & my mom is putting stuff in there. I have to rest before I get the fridge part scrubbed & the outside of it. Listening to Henriette, my friend Inger's niece, on YouTube. I normally don't like the female singing voice, but she really is good. I look forward to her new covers. She has a future in music if she keeps at this. Here's her newest vid:

The fridge is scrubbed & filled. I really like it. Everything is removable to wash. It's a 2006 Whirlpool.
Just finished my low-impact chair exercises, 5 reps with the resistance rings, & 10 counter push-ups. I really need to start working with the ab-doer again. Maybe tonight ... or this week-end. I need to get it into my daily schedule!
Congrats to the Glee cast for their win last night at the People's Choice Awards. Didn't watch the show, but have seen the pics that Cory Monteith shared on Twitter. Very cool.
Here's the link to one:
Just downloaded Turbo Tax. Hope I can figure it out once I get my W2 & other papers I need ... I have always done my own taxes, but this one is going to be haaaaard with the new home, etc. I'm afraid I might have to pay someone to do them for me. I will hate that ...
I really need to get my schedule working right for me. I'm going through Twitter & deleting some of those I'm following, but it's hard to decide on some of them. I really enjoy their tweets, but they are taking me far too long to go through each day. I HAVE to start working on my online businesses more seriously! I hope to have the craft room partly organized by the end of this month (we'll start sorting the stuff in the bins as to what will go straight to Goodwill, what will be saved for the Spring yard sale at Betty's & what will be sold online, this weekend.) And, since I bought the new camera today, I have no excuses not to list more stuff at Etsy or wherever online. So, tomorrow after I get home from work (I have 3 stores to service), I must start doing just that. Every afternoon, I need to list at least one thing or create at least one thing.
ARRRGH! When is my mom gonna learn! It's called NCIS! NOT NICS (she calls it nicks!) Drives me nuts! And, I don't even like the show! She does ...
Great. I'm not feeling good now ... Almost time for CSI, so I'm going to close up now.
Sorry, no quote ...

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