Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 9, 2010

Ah, another day begins ... slowly.
Getting the ingredients together to make another wallpaper some time today. Hopefully, after I clean the fish tanks. The hex tank is so filthy. Two tiny angelfish just can't keep it clean by themselves.
Just finished my low-empact chair exercises & resistance ring work.
I'm going to get the tvs switched around today. That will be fun ... not. Two of them weigh more than I do! But, my mom wants the console in here & the biggest "portable" in the craft room & the smallest tv is going in the closet as the back-up. Let's play musical tv sets! Ugh!
Time to clean the fish tanks! Break out the towels!
I am now so incredibly pissed off. Today was a definite reminder of why I HATE having fish. And, the Marina Aqua-Vac is a piece of shit that I wasted my money on. I'll probably be selling it on eBay or something soon.
My stomach is bothering me because I got so mad.
And, my wireless connection sucks again today! I hate that I have to piggyback someone else's just to get my mail to download or to visit some sites that have graphics on them! It sucks!
And, why the hell isn't it obvious that when one turns the TV OFF & puts some music on that one wants to listen to music. So, why does someone else put the TV back ON with the sound off! What is the purpose of that! I live with a fucking 5 year old in a nearly 70 year old body! Grrrr. And, THAT is what started pissing me off to begin with; the fish tank just escalated things!
Gotta eat something ... but, stomach says no ... Ah, La Creme yogurt (THANK YOU, BelAir! It's the only place in town that I can find it!) may help calm things.
Found the instructions to my breadmaker. Now I need to test the yeast ... it might be too old. Will have to buy more if it is. Want to make some bread tomorrow if I can find a recipe I want to make.
Finally starting to relax a bit. Had an almond butter & jelly sandwich on sprouted barley bread. Will have that yogurt now (raspberry!) & then I will ride the exercycle.
That was a nice ride & an interesting chapter to read in Torchwood Slow Decay. I travelled 5.3 miles at 16.4 mph for 18.40 minutes & burned 253 calories. Not bad.
AGAIN, I say ... do you not realize popcorn is corn! Quit asking me if I want any!
Just finished creating a wallpaper of Misha Collins. He's such a cutie.

Damn. There was a big earthquake up near Eureka this evening. A 6.5! Shocker!
Yay! I may have a taker for the queen-size bed! She's going to try to get some help to come Monday or Tuesday afternoon. Good. Now someone come get the fridge, too!
I've been reading lots of fanfic this evening. Some Supernatural, Mag7 & now Torchwood.
9pmDid not get the TVs moved ... guess that is first on tomorrow's list ...
Gonna close up now ... still reading fanfic ... see ya!

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