Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010

It's been a fairly good day today. The big, long project I dreaded today only took about 2 hours because the store had already put most of the new stock out & taken down the old stock. My manager & I were both happy about that!
I got home & my mom made me some yummy chicken fajitas! That was a nice surprise.
I just finished all of my chair exercises, resistance rings & rode the exercycle for 1.8 miles at 17.9 mph for 5.56 minutes & burned 89 calories.
I also swept off the outside entrances & the carport steps. Wanted to get that done before the rain started in again this afternoon. It's already getting chilly.
I'm waaay behind in drinking my fluids today. Just finished my 2nd mugful so that's only about 20 oz. so far today. 44 oz. to go!
BabyDove, the youngest female, laid her first egg last night or early this morning. As with many first eggs, it was too thin-shelled (almost like a snake's egg), so I had to take it from her. She wasn't happy.
MamaDove is still sitting on 4 eggs.
Going to close up early. I'm in the middle of reading a really good fanfic that I should be able to finish some time tomorrow. I'll give you the link then.
Make It Or Break It will be on in an hour. More Anthony Starke! Yay!

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