Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 10, 2010

Happy birthday to meeeeee. 1963, it was an interesting year ... and, it wasn't my choice to be born in it ... ah, well, I'm here. Deal with it.
It's been a nice day so far. Sun has been out most of the day--I think it got to 60. I got more weeding done in the side yard. Then, I transplanted the tomato seedlings into their own 18 gallon bin and discovered I had 11 plants! I thought I only had 4. Those 4 are much bigger than the others and towered over them. Now they are all spread out and we'll see who makes it to the next level! I didn't have any more soil left, so I didn't get the cilantro transplanted yet. There are quite a few seedlings. But, I left them in the bin with the catnip, parsley and 2 spindly little pepper plants.
I've also finished all my chair, face & resistance ring exercises. Time to ride the exercycle!
Rode the exercycle and read another chapter of Torchwood Trace Memory for 3.5 miles at 15.3 mph and 13.34 minutes burning 168 calories.
I just opened a new yahoogroup called QuinGem's Frugal Emporium: It's to share recipes, healthy food tips and such with friends.
A quote:
“For some moments in life there are no words.”
― David Seltzer

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