Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 11, 2010

Quick day of work this morning. Got 2 stores serviced, though. And, then did a quick grocery run into Trader Joe's before coming home.
It was a little breezy & overcast when I came home, so I didn't go out to garden today.
I did get all of my exercises done, though! Chair, face & resistance ring exercises done. Exercycle rode while reading another chapter of Torchwood Trace Memory for 12.05 minutes at 14 mph and 3.2 miles, burning 152 calories. Slow ride, but good.
Yay, got some new members to my new YahooGroup. Off to a good start.
Ugh, the neighbor kids are playing basketball and skateboarding in front of my living room window again ...
No CSI tonight ... but Supernatural is about to start! So, going to close up for the night & I have 3 or 4 stores to service in the morning before a 3-day weekend!
A poem:

The sleet streams;
The snow flies;
The fawn dreams
With wide brown eyes.
–William Rose BenĂ©t (1886–1950)

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