Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 13, 2010

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday, but all I did was read all day after I got home from work!
I want to SCREEEEAM!! Sometimes I really hate my mother. I just finished filling out my taxes and getting more than $6000. back due to the 1st time homebuyer's tax credit. And, my mom is like ... well what about all the money we're supposed to get back ... It is 10% of the price of the home UP TO $8000. She's all disappointed, like it's my damn fault we didn't pay more for the damn trailer to get the higher amount! Plus, I had to pay income tax on the teamster death benefits and my oil royalties ... Bitch.
Watching the new Survivors series on BBCA. It reminds me a bit of The Stand, but without the devil's influence.
My friend, Inger's niece, Henriette (she's in the blue dress) is on X Factor Denmark and here's a vid of her and the Fireflies singing 'You're Still The One":

Just finished a really good crossover fanfic by Kikkimax called Defect. It's a Criminal Minds/Supernatural crossover:
Time for bed!


Anonymous said...

Wow.Thanks for sharing this. It makes me really happy. Hugs from Henriette

QuinGem said...

You're very welcome! Good luck!