Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2, 2010

Wow, this day keeps fluctuating between dragging by and flying by!
I got my 2 stores serviced this morning & then my cousin came by & changed my front brakes. It only sprinkled a little bit.
After he left, my mom & I moved the extra fridge out onto the porch with the bed. I'm hoping to get them hauled away on Friday before I take my mom to another dr. appt. It's going to cost me $55, but at least they will be gone finally.
Don't know that I will try to get rid of anything else on freecycle or sharecycle again. I just got calls from a bunch of flakes that never followed through.
Going to bed now. White Collar will be on in an hour & I have some stuff to do.

If Candlemas [February 2] be mild and gay,
Go saddle your horses and buy them hay;
But if Candlemas be stormy and black,
It carries the winter away on its back.

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