Saturday, February 20, 2010

February 20, 2010

My mom is making vanilla cupcakes! Oh, man! Smells good. Haven't had cake in a couple years! If she's in the mood to make it, I'll eat it! What a bad breakfast!

Here's a new segment of the Fireflies on XFactor Denmark!

I'm thinking of getting a media converter to watch vids from my computer on the TV. Any recs? I'm also wondering if my VHS converter can be used to do that? Hmmm. Have to investigate further.

Derek, our huge Calico Ryukin goldfish has decided to have a swim bladder problem ... Started fasting the goldfish. Will try that method for a bit. Hope it corrects itself. Next try will be mashed peas.

Time to clean out the dryer lint with my new dryer cleaning kit. Fire prevention.
Got the dryer vents cleaned out. Six months buildup! Will need to do this regularly. For those interested, you can get the kit from the FlyLady website. I think it is worth it to prevent a lint fire.

I also vacuumed all the floors (not the carpet yet) so I can do a damp mop once I've rested. And, started a load of rugs in the washer. Lot of things I want to get done today!
I think I will get some bread started in the bread machine while I rest. Love the smell of baking bread! And, need to get the ingredients together for my lunchtime smoothie!

Okay, got the Velvet White Bread started. Got my smoothie made for lunch & now to get the ingredients ready for dinner. Going to have Black Bean Burritos from this recipe:
Well, I didn't have any black beans, so I substituted dark red beans. And, I didn't have any red pepper, so I put extra green pepper. Can't wait to try it tonight!

Ewww. Totally not thrilled with my smoothie. Should have added banana to thicken it a bit and cut the veg taste more. But, I made it, so I'll drink it! And, my cheap old blender doesn't cut baby carrots very well ...

So, it started with frozen Strawberry Banana smoothie mix, and I added T. protein powder, T. wheat germ, 1/2 c. pom juice, 1/2 c. water, T. aloe pulp juice, 4 baby carrots, 2 small handfuls of baby spring lettuces. Definitely needed something else. Remind me not to use carrots in this blender ... I need a new blender. Something more heavy duty ...
It's a pretty color, though.

Got the rugs finished and once I am done with my smoothie, I'll mop the floors. Don't know if I will get to vacuuming the carpets today, though. I'm starting to drag a bit. So, will do that tomorrow, I think.

Done with laundry, mopping floors & the bread is almost done! Good day!
I've been rearranging files in my external hard drive & trying to delete a lot of things. Organizing is good; deleting not enough!
Here's a pic of the bread I made today in the bread machine. It's a small loaf - 1 pound, I believe. It is Velvet White Bread.
I think this is the best one I have made so far since I brought the machine out of mothballs last month. I am making each recipe in the booklet in order.

Wow. That Bean Burrito recipe was very good, even with my little changes in the recipe! And, very spicy! Loved it!
Also, had a can of Mexican Tortilla Soup with it.

And, here's a pic of old Candace just for the heck of it! She turned 13 on Valentine's Day.

I think I will close up now. Going to read some Mag7 fanfic. It's a Little Ezra story that I've read before, but I really liked it.

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