Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23, 2010

Took my mom to her dr. appt. this morning. The traffic was awful, as expected, but got her there on time. I didn't go to service the nearby store, as I just wasn't up to it today. My breathing has been crap the last few days ... so, I just took a book to read while she was there. It is her heart dr. Doing a bunch of tests to check her stent, etc. The tests today showed she has excellent circulation in her legs & all looked clear. She has another appt. next month for more tests.
It's been raining since about noon.
I made this tonight for a challenge in one of the art groups I am in:

This is Matthew Gray Gubler before he got the role of Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds. I think he was about 22 in these pictures.

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