Friday, February 26, 2010

February 26, 2010

I don't know WTF is going on, but it seems like my mom is having one dr. appt. after another lately! It's driving me nuts! And, she's not happy either! But, really, I think it is that this clinic she is going to here in Woodland now is much better than Salud in West Sacramento. They are sending her for a lot more preventive-type things that she couldn't seem to get at the other place. She's getting a bone-density test next week which they never did in 10 years at Salud. And, she finally got a dentist appt. next month. So, I guess it is good things, but it sure is wreaking havoc with my work schedule & wearing me out!
I got a neat thing in the mail. It is an offer for membership in the National Home Gardening Club. It's only $12/year, so I think I am going to join. You get lots of free stuff for doing surveys, testing gardening products (& you keep the products!), free seeds, trade seeds with other members, members-only magazine & website & some other stuff. I got some free Cosmos seeds in the offer.
It has been raining off-and-on all morning. Wind is 16mph, but gusty. Supposed to storm more this afternoon.
We were going to stop at GoodWill on the way home from her appt. this morning, but it got too close to lunch time, so we came home. Will go tomorrow. I have a bunch of stuff to donate & we are going to shop for some pants.
I just created another new YahooGroup! I know ... I am nuts ... anyway, here it is: So, if you like reading fanfiction, come on by!
One of my favorite people just rejoined one of the groups that I mod. Really missed him. He's been gone a year & we didn't know what had happened to him!
Time to close up for the night. Watching old Criminal Minds on ion channel. The rain seems to have stopped. Hope it's a nice weekend so I can garden!

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