Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 27, 2010

OMG! What a terrible thing to wake up to. Chile had a massive 8.8 earthquake this morning. Nearly 100 known dead already. It has generated a tsunami that has already inundated some of their outer island & is heading across the Pacific Basin towards Hawaii and other areas. Scary!
It's pouring rain here today. The sky is crying.
Decided to stay home this morning. It's raining too much right now to go to GoodWill. Too many crazy drivers on the road.
Still watching news about Chile ...
Well, the rain slowed down for awhile, so we did go out to GoodWill. And, what a disappointment. I won't be donating to that particular store again. Very rude. And, they didn't have anything decent that I wanted to buy. Came home to eat lunch. Will try again next week at one of the other thrift stores, I suppose. I'll have gone through more stuff to donate by then.
Still more stuff on the news about Chile.
Huh. Luckily, so far the tsunami hitting Hawaii is pretty much a wash ... surge no higher than about 3ft. in Hilo area. That's such good news.
Damn. A 6.0 earthquake just hit Argentina!! Which is just next door to Chile, so not really surprising. Might be an aftershock. 2 killed.
I think I will do some creating ... make a few Incredimail stats of food ...
I'm in a creating mood. I'm working on my 3rd stat already!
Looks like the tsunami has luckily not caused any damage. Good. Sadly, 300+ dead from the earthquake, though.
Time for dinner.
Wow. I got 4 new stats made today. All food-related! Not celebrities!
Going to go to bed pretty early, I think, and read fanfic on my laptop. Nothing good on TV. I'm thinking of getting rid of my digital cable & going back to just extended basic. Especially since I will be getting that PC to TV converter soon. That will save me about $15/mos. & the converter only costs $40 at Fry's. If it works out the way I hope, I may even just go back to basic cable (just to get the local channels) & watch everything else through the computer. That would save me another $17/mos. Definitely something to think about!
Today's quote:
'Mother Earth is not amused.' - Cheyenne Jackson

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