Friday, February 5, 2010

February 5, 2010

Well, the hauling guy came and got the bed and fridge this morning. Nice to have my deck back!
While I was straightening up all the pots & other stuff we have on the deck that I'd moved this morning so the guy wouldn't trip over things, I noticed that one of the mini roses that my mom though she had killed is coming back up from the roots. Hope the other one does! I also noticed that 4 of the tomato seedlings are going to be good strong keepers to replant soon. Not sure on the peppers, cilantro and parsley yet. I need to get more potting soil soon and get started on the transplanting.
Have to take my mom to another dr. appt. I'd rather be gardening, but didn't even bother starting today. I didn't know how long the hauler would be here this morning and I'm still not sure if it's going to rain or not today. So, didn't want to start and then have to stop before I wanted to ... I hope I will be able to this weekend!!
I have to stop at the bank, too. I noticed a mistake in my online statement. It's only .05c, but it is MINE!
When we get home this afternoon, I really need to go through my online shoppes and start posting on my new Twitter page. Gotta get the advertising started! And, this weekend I have a few things I'll be listing in my Etsy shoppe!
Finally home ... I about fell asleep in the car waiting for my mom. I rarely go in with her - too many people and unsupervised kids. So, I bring a book and read in the car. I finished reading Torchwood Something In The Water and started on Torchwood Trace Memory.
I'm so hungry! We're having eggs, chicken strips, English muffins and hash browns. Sounds like breakfast!
Damn kids are playing basketball outside my window again. Come on, rain! Where are you thunderstorms! Great! Now the oldest one is skateboarding ...
Smallville's on. I'm closing up for the night!

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