Saturday, February 6, 2010

February 6, 2010

It's a nice dreary wet morning. I just finished setting my old pedometer. Going to try to keep track of how much I walk each day.
We're going to go grocery shopping at the Super Walmart in West Sacramento today. Haven't shopped there since we moved here.
Finally home. Spent $100 at WalMart & then went to BelAir & spent another $55 on things that WalMart didn't have ... still less than we normally spend thank goodness. I stressed to my mom that we just can't spend much until I get my taxes figured out.
Now to find something to eat!
Had a yummy French bread pizza for lunch. Finishing my Dagoba Organic Milk Chocolate bar that I started the other day. Probably be a couple of years before I have chocolate like this again. I really don't like chocolate all that much, even when I was a kid (& before I knew about my caffeine allergy ...) So, I don't have it often.
Got all of my exercises done! Hadn't done all of them for a few days. Did my chair exercises, resistance rings, & face exercises (just found a list of those to do a couple days ago!) And, just got off of the exercycle. Read a chapter of Torchwood Trace Memory while riding 2.9 miles at 16.4mph for 10.19 minutes & burned 142 calories.
Time to bake some bread in the bread machine!
Basic white bread is cooking now.
Waiting for my bread to finish. My mom is making TGIFriday's chicken wings in the oven for dinner.
I'm thinking of starting a YahooGroup for recipes & tips & frugal deals & such ... trying to decide what all will be in it. Want to keep it a small group of people I know ... we'll see.
Bread is done & sliced. Smells yummy ... guess I will have a buttered slice ...
Well, that was pretty good.
I think I'll close up now. Might do a bit of reading for a while.
A quote:
Sam Winchester: Why'd you let me fall asleep?
Dean Winchester: Because I am an awesome brother. What did you dream about?
Sam Winchester: Lollipops and candycanes.
Supernatural, Bloody Mary episode

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