Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 7, 2010

It looks like it might be a nice rain-free day. Still pretty cloudy, but not nearly as chilly as it has been.
I will try to do a bit of gardening (weeding) today.
Just finished weeding Jorgy's yard. Lots of little weed seedlings and also seedlings from the bird seed. All pulled now, but I know there will be more as spring comes. I wanted to pull all the weeds in the carport, but the neighbor kids are out playing & I don't feel like putting up with them. The youngest one is at the pest stage.
We're having Cornish game hen for dinner with fried coin potatoes. Yum!
GAAAAAAHHH!!! I hate when I refresh the wrong tab on Firefox! I just refreshed the game I was playing!!! Again! No more! It is now in its own browser! Damnit!
I feel like I'm crashing. I need to get my exercises done. Maybe that will pick me up!
There! All chair, face & resistance ring exercises are done. Will ride the exercycle after lunch!
Lunch was yummy. Chicken quesadilla. I just got done riding the exercycle & reading a chapter of Torchwood Trace Memory. I traveled 2.5 miles at 17.5 mph for 8.17 minutes & burned 120 calories.
Finished the second load of laundry. Done with that for the day!
I think I will go out and pull more weeds. I can't hear the neighbor's rugrats outside right now.
Well, I weeded behind the trailer, but then the kids came out to play next door, so I came in. I still got a lot done, though. Cleaned up all the seed pods from the ming tree that sheds all over. I love ming trees, but they are messy! It isn't even mine; it lives in the drainage ditch behind us, but it hangs over the chain link fence and shades the back of our trailer. If I get done finishing the store I need to service early enough, I might be able to do some more gardening tomorrow before the kids get out of school! I'm going to try, anyway. It's not supposed to rain tomorrow, but will Tues.
I need to catch up on all of this week's surveys now. I might make a couple of bucks!
Need to take a break from surveys to get a snack. I have 28 more to go through!
Spicy pita chips and red pepper hummus to snack on. Good stuff, but very spicy hot!
Finally finished all my surveys! Made a couple bucks, too.
I think I'll find some good fanfic to read. Not really in the mood for anything else!!
My mom started dinner late & I am starving!
I'm cracking up over the play-by-play of the Super Bowl on Twitter by Wil Wheaton (@wilw) & (@AfterElton) So funny.
Did I mention I was starving ... food nowhere near done yet ...
I'm still starving!
Ugh! Finally ... foood. It was delicious. Especially the Trader Joe's Apple turnover!
Jorgy thinks being cute is going to get her on my good side tonight. Not working. Tired of her tantrum peeing lately. Need to shampoo carpet next weekend ... She keeps marking the carpet when Candace or the doves get too much attention.
Whenever I watch older eps of CSI with Warrick in them, I realize how much I miss that character ...
Guess I better close up. Work tomorrow ... Boooooo ...
A quote:
Warrick Brown: Where have you been?
Gil Grissom: I can't be everywhere, and they've banned human cloning.
CSI, Chaos Theory

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