Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1, 2010

I am sooo tired. I serviced 2 of my stores today in West Sacramento. Got home at nearly 1. Spent 2 hours gardening (pulling weeds ...) Now, I am going to play online & read fanfic. I'm listening the Just So children's album by John Barrowman. My mom turned the TV because the kid outside is skateboarding outside the window. So, I am drowning both out!
John's new CD was released in the UK today. I hope I can find it at one of my regular sites I download from soon! If not, I may have to actually buy it! I do have an Amazon gift card ... hmmm.
I'm finishing the smoothie I made yesterday. I made enough for 2 mugs full. It actually tastes a bit better today ...
I'm not working tomorrow. It is my mom's birthday. I might take her shopping, since GoodWill was a bust the other day. Might go to the other thrift stores in town or to Ross & Marshall's ...
I'm amazed that I've never listened to this album! It is fun!
Having broccoli soup & chicken sandwiches for dinner. I'm hungry!
Wow, I lost track of time again while reading. Going to close up for the night and watch Make It Or Break It. Anthony Starke is in tonight's episode.

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