Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10, 2010

I just haven't been in the mood to blog the past couple of days. Really didn't feel good, due to my allergies & my breathing was so bad I had to use my inhaler yesterday for the first time in ages.
I'm feeling much better today, though.
I just got finished pulling most of the rounded upright molding from the bathroom. I left the molding in the corners of the shower & along the ceiling until I am able to buy replacement decorative molding.
I made a really good smoothie when I got home from work earlier. Nice & thick berry smoothie. I think I will finally start a loaf of French bread in the bread machine now that I have been putting off for a few days.
My bread machine is being noisy today. I hope I'm not wearing it out! Can't afford to get a new one yet ...
Had another V8 soup for dinner (with a turkey sandwich) & it was so good. I've never had red pepper soup before. Will get that one again, along with the broccoli soup.
Still another hour for the French bread to be finished.
The French bread is yummy! Had a buttered slice.
I'm going to bed very early tonight. I just can't seem to warm up today. So, going to watch Criminal Minds from my electric blanket!

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