Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 16, 2010

Since I made my old ME desktop wireless, I moved it into my bedroom so I don't have to drag the laptop in there at night to read fanfic!
Bought a beautiful African violet at Trader Joe's today. Pale dusty purple petals with dark purple edges. Only $2.99!

I hate the newest version of Firefox. I want new tabs at the end of the row like it used to do! I am getting tired of having to go to history & rescue a closed out tab that I didn't mean to close out.
I finally bought a PCtoTV accessory so I don't have to always burn what I've downloaded & can watch things on the bigger TV screen. I hope it works! I'm going to try to hook it up tonight & test it out.
I made another Matthew Gray Gubler Incredimail stat tonight:

I also made one of Gooseberries:

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